How to Make a Construction Phase Plan in Apple Pages

If you have worked for a construction company, you would likely be familiar with the construction phase plan. A construction phase plan is a form of safety and health management being documented for the construction project. As essential as it is, it contains the details of the work being done, members of the project team, and emergency arrangements. If it happens that you are bound to make one yet do not have any idea how, brace yourselves as we got you! The following are tips that you can follow in making a construction phase plan.

1. Consider Possibilities

From the word itself, you need to consider factors in project management. As the Construction Regulations 2015 stated, a contractor must consider a checklist of risks. Some of those risks are risks of burial under earth falls, risks from chemicals, risks from radiation, risks from electricity, risks from drowning, and more. With these, consider a safety plan under your phase plan.

2. Include Complete Information

It is given that every document involving labor, you would need to indicate useful pieces of information. For any possibility to occur, it would be convenient for you to put the complete information of every person involved in the said pre-construction project. Indicate the name and contact number of the contractor, site supervisor, sub-contractors, and construction workers. Then, input other information like the job itself, key details or instruction from the client, and project timeframe.

3. Divide the Phases

Now that you have the preliminary tips in making a phase plan, you can now start sectioning the phases. Refer to your list of jobs that the construction workers needed to achieve. Then, refer to the checklist of risks for the project. A quick tip— in sorting the tasks for your construction project, divide your employees into the tasks, and conveniently arrange them from the most important to the least. In that way, you would have a strategic positioning of tasks that would allow you to complete the jobs accordingly.

4. Consider the Budget

As grand as a construction project, you would need to consider several essential factors and the budget is one of those. You need to ensure that every task and risk that you include has respective budget enough to suffice them. Divide them accordingly. For example, if you are making a construction project for a bridge in the middle of the sea, you can allocate more budget into the employees' risk of drowning.

5. Include Contingencies

Of course, if you would lay out risks, contingencies must come handy. To prepare the construction team in such possibilities, you need to have a contingency plan out of your phase plan. Emphasize it accordingly and construct it in the way that every employee would remember each of them. To make sure that these contingencies are effective, you can consult your safety officers and let them evaluate these contingencies. Remember, you need to prioritize the safety of everyone.

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