How to Create Construction Print and Stationery Templates in Illustrator

Construction companies use countless documents to carry out a single transaction. These documents function as marketing weapons as well when you write the proper content and put your logo on paper. You can make these print and stationery templates in Adobe Illustrator for your construction company. Read our tips below to know how.

1. Do Research

Before making your print and stationery template, get the essential information you need. Get the company name, address, and contact information. For templates such as brochures and flyers, you have to know more about the construction company and the services it offers to the clients.

2. Write Content

Click a new document on Adobe Illustrator. You have to write a whole new content for brochures and flyers. For stationery, you can attach the details and logo on any part of the paper. Use clean and readable fonts in writing the content. Follow proper indentation of paragraphs as well.

3. Add Details

For print templates, you need to add graphic elements on your design to make it more appealing. Use colors that reflect the corporate identity of the construction company. For stationery, don't forget to keep your template minimal and clean. Leave a lot of space for writing.

4. Put Finishing Touch

Review your document. Look for missing details or any typographical error. Polish the document and finalize some minor details that readers may find out before printing it.

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