Construction projects always come with a budget plan to anticipate how much the building process will cost and to deliberate whether the project should push forward. It contains a breakdown of expenses so that one could prepare the required fund for the construction materials and labor costs. Are you in the construction business? Present your budget proposal through our Construction Project Budget Templates In Google Docs to impress your clients. These high-quality and professionally made templates are instantly downloadable and printable for your convenience. Choose between A4 or US letter sizes. Hit that download button now to get that construction project approved today!

How to Create a Construction Project Budget Templates in Google Docs

The population is increasing, and so is the demand for construction companies and contractors. According to the data presented in Statista, the private construction cost in the US went up to 992 billion dollars in 2018, and it is projected to grow up to 1.53 trillion dollars by 2022. This is good news for everyone who works in the building and construction sector.

Furthermore, if you own a construction firm, you probably know how important budgeting and cost estimating is, for the success of every project plan. It lets you prepare for unforeseen construction delays and problems and owner modifications. Whether it's a simple decking floor renovation project or a 20-story house building project, you need to present a budget plan, along with other documents before you get the client's approval.

Presented below is a guide to help you create a construction project budget in Google Docs.

1. Assess the Expenses and Check the Available Funds

In every construction project, there's always an estimated budget. To get that, determine how much the permit, labor, material, and equipment cost is in the industry right now. Then, check in with your client to see how much their budget is for the said project so that you can start scouting and for you to determine where you should get the construction materials and others. Make a checklist of the expenses, such as the equipment, materials, and number of contractors needed, along with the price. That way, your client will have a better understanding of how you came up with the total cost estimate. Remember, when you put everything into writing, your client will trust you more.

2. Layout Your Construction Project Budget Structure

After determining the construction budget, you may now begin to layout the document structure. To start, open Google Docs and create a new document. If you choose to use a ready-made template, which, by the way, will allow you to create a construction project budget document easily and instantly, go to Template Gallery and click the template you want to use to start making the document. But if you choose to create one from scratch, start with a blank document. The top portion of the document should contain the title and your company details, such as the company name, address, contact number, and website. Don't forget to provide your company logo!

3. Provide the Labels and Other Details

After putting up the table, supply it with the missing information. Ideally, you start with the labels. This includes the client's name, project name, site location, start date, end date, and total budget. After that would be the column names, such as category, budget, price, and actual. Once done, provide all the details and prices. And do the calculation twice, to make sure that you've calculated the total estimate correctly.

4. Check and Present

Before you print your simple budget document, proofread and have it validated. After that, and once printed, send it to your client for approval.

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