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How to Make a Construction Proposal in Microsoft Office Word?

The construction industry is a top-notch player in the economy. According to a report posted by Statista, the construction industry in the United States is the largest worldwide. It contributed 1,293 billion U.S. dollars in the economy in 2019. Not just a good economy driver, but the industry provides millions of job opportunities in the country. Despite all the positive outcomes, it does not mean it is all about the clear sky and sunny days. The U.S. construction industry has a fair share of roadblocks and challenges. That said, the industry needs to improve and grow from the hindrances on the road. And one way to do this is by providing innovations that can help address the problems, said Go Contractor. In 2019, the industry rises after it stalled during the recession. Today, construction and civil works have been one of the most in-demand professions in the U.S. 

If you are to propose a construction project to a potential client, below are the things you need to know. We made a list full of easy and simple steps. Read and make a construction proposal using Microsoft Word.

1. Make It Simple and Clear

Corporate documents should be readable and easy to understand. And as one of the latter, a construction proposal must be clear in delivering its purpose. To do that, you have to compose the proposal's content using simple words and simple sentence structures. It is important to bear in mind that your goal is to make the readers understand the context of this business document. If there are construction jargon or terms that your readers are not familiar with, provide a full definition of these words. It is better to be safe than confusing your clients with words they do not understand. 

2. Introduce the Problem 

Begin the construction project proposal by identifying a problem. Remember that the main purpose of a proposal is to address your client's needs. That said, they will feel secure if you can recognize the issue they want to resolve. In the case of a construction proposal, usually, contractors (bidders) bid construction projects to a client. This proposal will explain the project and why there is a need to implement it. Thus, you need to explain it briefly in the proposal. 

3. Add Roadmap for the Proposal 

Citing a construction business plan in a proposal, remember to emphasize four major parts a proposal has. They are the introduction, proposed solution, timetable or schedule, and outcomes. Since we have discussed how to start a proposal in the previous step, in this part, we will talk about proposing s solution and making a roadmap. Consider the solution as the goal of your proposal. In order to achieve this goal, you will need a process. Here is when a roadmap comes handy. When you identify a problem, you must provide a solution. A roadmap can be a list or itemized steps on how you intend to solve your client's problem.

4. Propose a Detailed Solution 

Together with the roadmap, provide a detailed solution. Use the sample proposal as your platform to explain why your solution is the best. There may be other ways to resolve your client's problem, but you have to convince them that yours is the most effective.