How to Make a Construction Purchase Order?

Statistics show that the estimated total sales of merchandise and commercial services are almost $7.6 trillion as of 2000. Needless to say, the B2B industry is big from the start. This is all possible because of the existence of the purchase order or form. To cope up with the industry, you would also need one. Start issuing a construction purchase order with these tips:

1. Format your Purchase Order's Headline

A purchase order headline usually contains your company's name, contact number, company address, email address, date, and other forms of contact. You also need to include your company's logo not just for formality, but a subtle way to advertise your company.

2. Make Every Purchase Order Unique

You would not want to imagine the waste of money and effort in making a duplicated purchase order, so make sure that you would work things out by including a unique feature in each of it. Together with your construction change order, it is beneficial for bookkeeping purposes as you would have easy access to every client record. You can indicate a set of numbers or words on top or bottom of the purchase order itself.

3. Include Every Item Information

The sole reason why you are issuing a purchase order is for your client to be aware and confirm their order. With that, you would need to insert a sheet containing the items, quantity, category, description, unit price, and the total. For a construction purchase order, you need to list everything—from the smallest screw to the biggest forklift.

4. Define Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

In legal aspects, a purchase order is considered a legal document. With that, you need to set a construction purchase order terms and conditions that both of the involved parties must agree upon. You can set terms and conditions based on the factors involved in the transaction. You can include acceptance, hold harmless, title, taxes, delivery, quantities, and packaging as your terms and conditions. But, with the limited space in your order, including the key points only.

5. Download a Template

If you do not want hassle in making a purchase order from scratch, why not download one of our comprehensive and inclusive construction purchase order templates. You can handle the legal matters in purchasing because our template is guaranteed to be professionally-written and industry compliant. You can also check out other order templates that we offer, such as order form, sample order, simple order, printable order, order confirmation, and others.

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