How to Make a Construction Rack Card in Illustrator?

There are numerous ways you can promote your Construction Company and contractor services. You can go for digital methods or you can opt to use the traditional method. However, if you prefer a cost-efficient, effective, and easy to distribute marketing material, then consider making a construction rack card. Here are some steps to help you with your creative process through Adobe Illustrator.

1. Plan Layout

Planning is a must, considering that a rack card has little space for you to incorporate your information and design elements. Planning can be used to your advantage since you'll be able to think of ways to insert the necessary content and images. You'll be able to utilize your creative juices on the best arrangement of the rack card's structure.

2. Write Content

A rack card is different is quite different from a brochure, although they serve the same purpose, which is to promote. In a brochure, you'll be able to write down as much essential information you want. Instead, construction rack cards have minimal space, just like flyer templates. You have to consider the text you want to encode in it.
The text or information you want to present should be vital and essential to the overall purpose. Make a rough draft of the content beforehand. Review it afterward and remove details you believe are unnecessary.

3. Insert Images

Despite the fact that a construction rack card has little space you can work with, you can add images on the document. However, you can only add 1 or 2 images on it. Adding a photo of your finished Construction Projects on your Rack Cards, Business Cards or Certificates will allow readers to determine what to expect when they work with your company. Make sure to use actual high-quality photos on the rack card.

4. Make it Eye-catching

Rack cards should catch the attention of the target market. Your goal is to make people pick up your rack card and read further. To do that, you'll need to make it eye-catching. Play with the colors and fonts to find what suits you best. You can also make use of the available Construction Rack Card Templates above, complete with template design and suggestive content.

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