Being in the commercial real estate construction industry, it has corresponding document responsibility that one must abide by. As a real estate contractor handles the project, they must secure a few documents before starting. So, if you happen to be one and wanted to make a lease or accounting document, we suggest you download one of our Construction Real Estate and Admin Templates. Our template is convenient to use as you can get it in Google Docs format in any of your devices. Besides, you can edit and customize its original suggestive heading and content. Secure your real estate business with our template now!

How to Make a Construction Real Estate and Admin Document in Google Docs?

One way to make sure that constant high-quality real estate construction services are delivered to your clients is to secure business documents. If you wanted to develop your construction project management, you would need to go through the documentation process. If your client wanted to apply for a mortgage, then you need to secure a mortgage agreement. These just show how essential documents are in the real estate construction. So, if you are an author and wanted to write one now, the following are general tips that you can follow in making a construction real estate and admin document in Pages.

1. Take Advantage of White Spaces

This tip might be unusual for you but it is rather effective. Allocating white spaces on your document is not a waste of space. In fact, wider margins let your reader reads the document easier. They also create breathing space for the mind of your audience. Especially as you are making a construction real estate and admin document, it can be a pain in the head.

2. Use Fonts Well

Visual presentation of your construction real estate and admin document is essential, and so you must use fonts well. There are a lot of business-appropriate fonts that you can use for your document. If you want, you can use different fonts for the headlines, subheads, and body. But, resist the urge to use plenty of fonts. Limit yourself to two.

3. Attach Supporting Factors

You might need to attach lists and tables into your document, depending on what type. If you are making a statement of account for your real estate construction clients, attach a table of the things that they need to pay. If you are writing a real estate construction proposal, you can include the list of the equipment needed for the project. For as long as it supports the document, there is no harm done.

4. Introduce your Company

To verify that a document is issued by your company, you need to include your real estate construction company information at the top of your document. Usually, it is considered as a header as it contains the company name, logo, contact number, email address, and more. This would also be a construction marketing strategy as you are advertising your company through the document.

5. Portray the Right Persona

We are taught that a formal document must be in the third person’s voice. But, according to APA and other style guides, you use first and second person voice to avoid passive voice. It is given that passive voice weakens the document, thus it must be avoided.

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