How to Make a Construction Receipt in Apple (MAC) Numbers

Did you know that the first transaction receipt was from Jericho back in 7500 BC? This is according to Able Systems. It's also interesting to note that the invention of receipt has been beneficial to both businesses and their customers. As a matter of fact, it's necessary to show and provide receipts to clients as proof of transaction. Provide your clients with a detailed receipt of payment for all the services and materials given. Read more if you want to make one now, below we have cited some steps to help you make a construction receipt.

1. Launch Numbers and Place Your Company's Info

Open Apple Numbers and select a 'Blank' workbook or select a template from the 'Template Chooser' to do it quickly. Edit the highlighted areas in a template and if you are using a blank worksheet start by placing your company's information. Most receipts place their company's information at the top as their format. Make sure that you place your construction company's name, address, website, and contact number. This will brand your receipt.

2. Write Client's Information

Personalize the cash receipt by placing the client's information on it. It's best to write the client's name, address, and contact number. This is essential so that you know who you'll send the receipt to.

3. Insert Receipt Number

Receipt numbers are essential because they help you identify the transaction. This ensures that you can document the transaction properly. For this reason, just like having an invoice number, you should also have a unique receipt number.

4. Add the List of Transactions

In the next part, make sure that you add every transaction. Include a sheet that describes all the transaction (materials or labor), quantity, unit price, and amount. It would be best if to make sure that everything is right or else your client might complain and go against your company.

5. Include the Numbers

On the bottom of the sales receipt, make sure that you do the math. Make sure to include the subtotal, tax, discount, grand total, and the like. This will act as an acknowledgment that the person has settled the payment in your company.

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