How to Create a Construction Report on Google Docs

To some, writing a report means torture, for it means that they need to conduct a lot of research. But did you know that reports are very important, especially in construction firms? According to Chron, there are four reasons as to why reports are essential. The number one reason is that it helps monitors the development of your business throughout the years. Next is that it provides an audit trail. The third is that it's a part of the legal obligations, and lastly, it helps to make transactions. Since you already know its importance, now is not the time to stress out about the upcoming report for your company. In case you're having a hard time making one, we can always teach you how through our step-by-step guide below. Relax and chill out for all you need to do is to follow each step accordingly. Let's not make this any longer, and let's get you started.

1. Determine the Type of Report

Since you're working in the construction industry, there are actually tons of reports that you could choose from. You can either create a construction project incident report, monthly progress report, or perhaps a weekly building report. But your report must coincide as to what you're manager has assigned you to do. Just in case they didn't assign you a certain topic, you may concentrate in an area of your company that needs to be highlighted or etc.

2. Do Ample Research

Bear in mind that reports are always based on credible and reliable facts. If you have already decided which type of report you will be making, you need to conduct ample research that could support your statement. By doing so, your audiences will surely applaud you for your hard work, and most importantly, they will learn a lot from the status you have reported.

3. Only Choose the Appropriate Typography

Now that you have your research and data, it's time for you to state it on your pre-construction site inspection report. But always remember to select the appropriate typography. Since reports are formal documents, you must choose the most formal font style to match your report. But if you need guidelines in selecting the proper font styles, you can always refer to our professionally-designed sample report templates above. Once you download our templates above, there's no need for you to waste more time thinking about font styles and sizes for you can look to our template and use it on your own.

4. Proofread and Present your Report

Now that you have set everything already, it is time for you to proofread it word-by-word to make sure that your report is entirely error-free. Once you're done, it's time for you to plan how will you present it to the public. If you want to present it traditionally, then you may produce multiple hard copies of it. But if you want to present it in a more creative way, then you can make use of a PowerPoint Presentation strategy.

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