It might become overwhelming at times to handle the millions of responsibilities that come with a construction project. And planning all the activities in the right time frame to get them completed in order is the most difficult task. Therefore, to make work easier, we at bring to you a selection of Free Ready-Made Construction Schedule Templates available in Google Docs for all your scheduling needs. Our templates are very easy to use thanks to the user-friendly features built into it. With its features, you can easily organize whatever plans, deadlines, and meetings you have, making sure you won’t miss a thing. With a convenient template, it’s a no-brainer to get this! Download now and get the perfect schedule to guide you to the end.

How to Create a Construction Schedule in Google Docs?

With around 70,000 Construction Businesses in the US, all of them have not reached where they are if not for their professional output, work ethic, and adherence to deadlines and schedules. Scheduling things throughout a construction project allows things to run smoothly and ensure that everyone has the time to rest and to work. If you are having trouble scheduling plans for your project, then here are some tips:

1. The Staff Schedule

List out the names of every employee under their shift schedule. Write down their job titles to help analyze where they should be during the project. If your company has employees doing rotating shifts, flextime, or have irregular schedules then indicate that on your document sheet so that it is all accounted for. Make a Construction Checklist when making a plan for everyone’s designation in the project timeline. Once you take note of each and everyone’s schedule you can organize them by color-coding them in Googe Docs so you can easily navigate the schedule whenever you check it out.

2. Make a Calendar

When it comes to project management, one way to keep track of everything is to make a calendar. To get started on that, do a Construction Analysis of how long the construction project will be. Will it go on for months or years? Once you’ve figured that out, note down every deadline and meeting that is important to the project. Organize your calendar however you like it using the features of Google Docs. You can place them orderly on a chart, or use the rows and columns of the table as your guide. You may even use color-coding to help you differentiate each detail you’ve placed on your calendar.

3. Details Details

Whether its renovation of a house, landscaping or installing an electrical system, note down the tasks and work that is designated to your employees in this construction project. You may add specific details to the work that is scheduled such as the timing, location, and names of those involved. Use color coding in order to make the details distinct and identifiable upon first glance. If the schedule needs to be officially presented, you may include the usual company details such as the name, logo and the usual format of all company documents.

4. Get Creative

As mentioned in the previous steps, color coding can play an important part in remembering schedules. It is a fact that color helps with memory. Our template is designed by our line of professionals, so it has a wide selection of colors and designs that you can edit in Google Docs. Fill in boxes with color, and use different shades for your labels. Incorporate your construction company’s theme colors and aesthetics if they have one. You may add a few personal design elements to make it look more visually appealing for you. Doing this can help you enjoy the usage of your schedule even more.

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