A schedule is a part of every industry's lives— and construction is not an exemption. Based on Plant Service's statistics, proper planning and scheduling wrench the time up to 55%. Needless to say, before doing something, you need to schedule it ahead of time. So, if you are part of the construction industry where time flies so fast, you would need a schedule that would organize your construction timeline. With that, we offer you our premium, high-quality, and industry-compliant Construction Schedule Template in Apple Pages. We guarantee you that the templates that we offer are 100% customizable and easily editable in your convenience. Also, with its versatility, you can print it A4 & US Letter Sizes.

How to Make a Construction Schedule in Apple Pages?

The construction industry is known to be hectic and hectic, especially if they are working for a project to its nearest deadline. With that, managing their busy schedule is crucial. So, if you are part of the industry and is constructing a commercial building, do not panic and fret! You can make a Construction Plan according to a schedule for your utilization. How do you ask? Well, let us help you through the critical path of construction shift schedule making with these essential tips:

1. Sort your Construction Activities

First, you need to make sure that you have a list of construction activities that you need to accomplish. Sort everything out—from the most important and time consuming to the least. In that way, you can properly disseminate the period of your schedule's duration. For instance, if you are a construction supervisor and you are assigned to supervise the house that was built by the construction firm, you need to allocate enough time to inspect the entirety of the said house.

2. Know your Duration

You need to know the timetable of the construction schedule that you wanted to make—daily, weekly, monthly, or annual schedule. Remember that you are making a schedule for construction, so you need a checklist of activities that wanted to have a schedule with. In that way, you can identify the period of your schedule.

3. Allocate Contingency Time

Incidents occur wherein you would need some extra time to complete a certain task. To cover it up, you need to have a contingency time in every construction activity that you think might need one. Remember that construction is an unpredictable industry—the more unpredictable it is, the more contingency time that you need to allocate in your simple schedule.

4. Get Things Together

Now that you have done a Construction Analysis of the necessary information that you need to indicate in your daily schedule, you can now start getting things together. If you want a convenient way to do so, you can download our Construction Schedule Template that you can edit and customize. After downloading, you can now incorporate the data that you collected. Mostly, a schedule is in a tabular form or Gantt chart. With that, guaranteed that we made our template with comprehensive and industry-compliant tables that are 100% customizable and easily editable.

5. Play with Design Elements

Colors can play an essential role in the effectiveness of your construction schedule. As a stated fact, colors help you remember things incorporated with it. And so, including alternating colors in each activity. Our template is beautifully-designed by our line of professionals, so it has complementing colors and designs that you can edit in Apple Pages. But, you can also incorporate your personal touch. You can also refer to another construction schedule example the complementary colors that you can use. Also, include Graphic Design elements that would encourage you to follow the schedule. Include encouraging quotations, images, and Construction Signs and symbols.

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