How to Write a Construction Scope of Work?

The construction scope of work sometimes called a statement of work, is a detailed document that outlines the expected work and deliverables of the general contractor and subcontractor. This working document is essential in construction management since it can help in attaining the expectations and outcomes. The construction scope of work is an important tool for a project manager. It serves as a guide as to how a construction work will be completed and, just like a contract, it helps prevent conflicts and disputes. Therefore, having this document at your disposal is crucial. Here are some tips to help you write the construction scope of work by yourself.

1. Use an Appropriate Language

According to New York University, in the most scope of work, two parties tend to disagree on the deliverables, which can cause conflicts. Therefore, your construction scope of work should not leave room for interpretations. It should be clearly and briefly assert the text. Using jargon and construction terms that the other party may not understand is discouraged. Instead, using proper and straightforward language on the document to prevent confusion with each party and keep everyone on the same page.

2. Provide an Overview

Necessary actions and requirements should be outlined in the scope of work, from the schedule to the scope. Also, be clear as to what items are not included in the project. Break down all the essential steps to be taken and sections to add. Avoid being vague with the deliverables to bring clarity to the overall scope of work.

3. Consult Key Persons

It is okay to ask for help from others. You can approach key persons in the project as to what sections, requirements, and work need to be included in the document. If you don't have expertise regarding a particular aspect of the project, such as in landscaping, you can approach the subcontractor or experts in this aspect to help you in detailing the work specification.

4. Obtain Signatures

Just like forms, proposals, and other professional documents, getting the approval of both parties is vital. Obtaining the signatures of the parties involved in the proper way to bind the agreement they have come into legally. When conflicts arise, the signatures can be used as proof that both parties have read and agreed on what was written on the paper.

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