Construction Statements Templates

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How to Make Ready-Made Construction Statements?

construction statement template

There are so many different documents that need to be created to identify the details of each construction project. Without these, there would be no clarity and this could cause a delay that would cost time and finances of the job. Check out these tips to help you write a construction statement.

1. Choose the appropriate template

There are several Construction Statement Templates to choose from but you have to know the correct template to use for your document. Is it a statement of work, financial statement, or method statement? You have to ensure its purpose to avoid confusion or delays in the project.

2. Outline your document

After you’ve decided on what the appropriate template is for your document, you would think that it’s time to start writing. But before you start writing, you need to lay out all of the details that you will include in your document. Creating a systematic outline of your document will save you time when you start writing your document.

3. Use the appropriate terminology

Avoid misusing construction terms in your document as they could cause confusion to clients or other members of the team. Use only the terms you are familiar with and confirm with other members or industry consultants that better understand certain terms you want to use. 

4. Discuss details from key members

Writing these lengthy documents can be difficult and confusing. So don’t be afraid to ask help from team members involved in the project because they just might clear your thoughts.


  • What is the purpose of Construction Statements?

      Every project has to deal with the specifications of the work or finances needed to complete the tasks at hand. Construction Statements are the documents that you use to outline these details so that you and your team are made aware of the things that need to be done on your end.

  • What are examples of Construction Statements?

      Method statements, billing statements, profit and loss statements, statement of work, and construction capability statements are just some of the templates that you can use for your construction statements.

  • Who benefits from the use of Construction Statements?

      Whether you’re a small construction company or a big one, everyone who is involved in the construction projects can benefit from these documents. Some of these people are construction managers, safety officers, contractors, subcontractors, etc. 

  • How do you write Construction Billing Statements?

      1. Identify the project name, description, and location.
      2. Write down your and your customer’s details (name/company name, address, and contact information.)
      3. Input the date, invoice number, service rendered (e.g. building construction, renovation, excavation, etc.), and a complete breakdown of the amount needed to pay. Include any additional payments like late payments or interest fees, if applicable.
      4. Add in the names of the signatories and some notes for the client.

  • What is the use of  Construction Method Statements? 

      When you work in construction, you are well aware of the risks involved. Construction statements discuss in detail what should be done to finish the project. Furthermore, method statements also describe how the work can be done in compliance with safety rules and regulations.