Monitoring of any details and transactions within any business transaction is always a must. In the construction industry that you’re currently a part of, things can easily go out of hand! Either for your budgeting, labor and logistics, equipment keeping, or other construction processes, seamlessly track them down with the use of any of our Free Ready-Made Construction Tracking Sheet Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages! Jump-starting is so much possible as these selections are premade by our in-house professionals, guaranteeing you easily modifiable elements. These all are instantly downloadable for your immediate use and time-saving benefit. Avoid the tedious task and make a comprehensive tracking sheet for whatever purpose in your construction project today by downloading your choice here now!

How to Make a Construction Tracking Sheet in Apple (MAC) Pages

As declared by the Project Management Institute in 2018 in their article, 70% of the prime business goals and intent by different companies have successfully been met, then 60% of the projects have achieved their original budgeting. These percentages are way much higher from 2016’s 62% and 50%.

It’s clear to say that when there’s good project management, even in the construction industry, a project plan can never be in the realm of impossibility. One way to enforce a good project plan is by making use of a tracking sheet for your construction processes. It helps you monitor particular details closely. Done grabbing a template above? Make on your own later after reading the comprehensive guidelines below.

1. Begin Purposefully

Now, in order to have a streamlined process of making a tracking sheet for your construction project, you must be well aware of the purpose of the tracking sheet specifically. Tracking sheets vary depending on their use. It can be an expense, estimate or budget tracking sheet, construction schedule or timeline tracking sheet, and so on. Each usage has its particular layout demands. Thus, before jumping off in making the layout of your required construction tracking sheet, understand first its purpose. This will make your work easier later on.

2. Open the Program

Once you’ve fully understood the usage of your construction tracking sheet, you must be ready to make one by using a program. If you're using an Apple or MAC device, Apple Pages will be the right one for you! It’s specifically designed for that particular operating software. Also, this worksheet is sufficient enough and user-friendly to use for your editing. Hence, we always make sure that our premade templates above are readily compatible with such platforms, to have these products catered to our various audiences with versatility. This amazing platform will allow you to easily create columns, tables, graphs, rows, charts, formulas, and others depending on your construction tracking sheet’s purpose!

3. Name the Sections

After you’ve got a concrete format of your construction tracking sheet, finalize this by labeling them. Name each section with its corresponding data requirements. It’s highly advisable to make use of basic font styles such as Arial, Tahoma, or Calibri. Ensure that these are properly designated and legible. If you are an expense tracker, be exact with your cost indications. Always tailor in the relevant, general details also such as the project name, company/contractor name, numbers or codes, if applicable. Other essential details can also be the pertaining contact details, physical or email addresses. Including your unique logo at the top of your construction tracking sheet is also a good idea as it can help you present your tracking sheet professionally and formally.

4. Establish and Make It Official

When you are done with all of the important elements, it will be the time to make it official and ready for use. Escalate this to your higher-ups and to anyone who may have a concern with this. You should send them a copy, in physical and/or digital form. Email them so they can have the ease of saving it into their devices. From this point, this will now be your and your construction company’s immediate point of reference.

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