How to Make a Construction Work Order in Apple Pages

Work orders and invoices are easily interchangeable because they resemble each other’s functions. Unless they’re labeled, one could be mistaken for the other. They are both used for billing a company or freelancers workers for their services. However, according to Chron, a work order is essentially a request mostly used for purchasing material and provides a space for detailed work instruction. An invoice, on the other hand, is generated after services are rendered, or the materials are purchased.

Make your own construction work order by following the steps below:

1. Categorize

Depending on its purpose, a work order can have varying parts. But generally, it’s composed of four sections: client contact and information, work description, and the materials needed to complete the task. It comes with a work order number and estimated labor hours. Separate these parts in distinct portions so you can fill it up easily. If you’re starting yours from scratch, look for basic work order outlines that you can utilize for general use to give you an idea of how you layout the form. You can pattern your structure after its format.

2. Get Into the Right Details

Be mindful of how you present your details in the work order. This is crucial, so your subcontractors will be able to deliver the exact service that you need from them. Double-check your list of work details and make sure that you have stated correct instructions. This will clear further queries and eliminate the possibility of misinterpretations, which could cost you more or delay the project in the process.

3. Match Materials with Work Description

When you start listing down the needed materials and gears to fulfill the job, examine your work description, and identify which things you’ll be needing to accomplish the project. Be meticulous and see to it that you have listed down the right sizes and types, or risk spending money on a wrong apparatus. Depending on the established procedure, you might need to do an initial canvassing to determine the construction estimate. Get the costs in order so you can have the budget ready.

4. Keep a Digital Copy

Printed documents are easy to lose, trash, or destroy. It should be stored in a safe space where it can be easily accessed when a need comes up. Digitalize your work orders, and you can opt to distribute or hand out printed copies to your clients or send them via email. It works both as efficient preservation and safekeeping.

5. Utilize a Work Order Template

Exert lesser time and effort and save up designing costs by getting a work order template. Our collection will provide you with a professional readymade blank layout that you can easily customize to fit your personal preference or company’s visual elements. This way, you can worry less about how you’ll design the plan and keep a close eye on how you can get the task done. Download a copy that meets your standard and mass produce it for your business transactions.

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