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How to Create a Contract Letter in Apple Pages

Did you know that based on Plato's The Laws dialogue, contracts already existed, in theory, in the ancient world? Although they didn't have the same detailed version as we have today, the general idea and functions of it were already theorized. So, whenever you write an agreement today for employment termination, service payment, construction request, or whatever, know that you are, in fact, following the footsteps of the great poet and philosopher, Plato. So, keep the legacy going by creating your contract today though the use of our steps below that will surely keep you on the edge of your seats.

1. Create a Proposal

There is no magic in creating a contract. You have to start with a proposal. This part is when you say what you want and offers an amount that makes the deal. As a sample, we can think of a person buying a plot of land. The owner has all the discretion possible to keep or sell the property. By creating a proposal letter, you are telling the landlord that you want the property at a price. However, make sure that you are giving an attractive price, as you cannot in any way coerce someone to do an agreement. So make sure to create a proper proposal template first.

2. Have a Verbal Agreement

With the proposal ready, you are in for a discussion. The negotiation phase of the contract is mainly verbal. You give a price. The owner may change it for a higher one. There is no right or wrong in this situation legally. Although some people might think that it is morally wrong, at times, however, make sure that you end up with an excellent verbal agreement. This way, you can start writing and creating a contract.

3. Create a Draft and Revise

The writing phase of your contract agreement can be lengthy as every time you finish writing it. You need to ask the opposite party whether the terms and provisions are correct. If they think that it is not precise, they have the chance not to sign it and to make the contract void. So make sure that you take note of the agreement well enough and write them in your notebook or journal until the other party approves of the written contract.

4. Ensure its Legality

Lastly, make sure that you have all the aspects that can make your written agreement legal. Some of the fundamental laws that can void a contract and make them void are the age of the signee, unlawful agreement that contradicts your current state or government laws, fraud claims, and others. If you need to, you should ask for a lawyer's legal advice to ensure that your contract is legal.

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