In construction, there is so much to think about. Part of that is the billing, sales, and expenses that need proper documentation. For most general contractors, materials and money involved is a never-ending process. In fact, according to an article published by Level set, 49% of contractors don’t receive full payment on the scheduled date of payment. Therefore, be it for plumbing or building renovation, an invoice is a necessary record of proof for the client to pay the total amount rendered for labor and materials within due time. Here we have our sample invoices that are available in Word.

If you are a contractor looking for a business invoice to list important details, including the company information and a clear description of items for a project, it can get complicated. But feel free to check out our website’s variety of invoice collections. Our templates contain quality content prepared for you. That means a document contains sections, including tables, descriptions, and letterhead. All you just need to do is adjust and input the descriptions aligned with your own.

Once you pick an invoice you like, you will get a hand of our editor tool. But what does it do? Our editor tool contains features where you can adjust your premade content easily. A new tab will pop up so you won’t download it anymore. Additionally, you can easily read labels in the tool because these are made clear and minimalistic. Indeed, our templates are made hassle-free for you. Download yours today!

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