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How to Write a Controller Job Description

According to SHRM, job descriptions have various purposes, including determining salary levels, performance reviews, clarifying responsibilities and objectives, setting titles and pay grades, and recruiting. It is an important part of the overall recruitment process that helps you yield qualified candidates. Provided below are some useful tips that you can refer to when writing job descriptions for your business or company.

1. Conduct a Job Analysis

Conducting a job analysis within the company ensures that you can determine the knowledge, skills, credentials, experiences, and tasks required for the role. You can achieve this activity by interviewing other controller-specific employees, observe the task performance and use tools such as questionnaires and worksheets.

2. Consolidate the Data

Consolidate all the gathered information to create the performance standard. Doing so will help you establish the essential functions of the controller position. You should clearly define the job's necessary or required tasks, task frequency, and consequences. And determine if the tasks are redesignable or performed differently and reassignable.

3. Note of the Inclusions

Since you have consolidated the data based on the essential functions, you should organize them based on the necessary inclusions' controller job description. Take note of the following inclusions: job title, compensation levels, immediate head, summary or objective, essential functions, competency, and the date of writing or review of the job description.

4. Include a Disclaimer

It is always best to include a disclaimer in your job descriptions explaining that the details may change or that not everything related to the job is listed. Doing so ensures that candidates know tasks may change with or without notice.

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