How to Make a Ready-Made Cook Job Description in Google Docs

When it comes to attracting the best candidates, you need to make a well-written job description for that. With an adequate job description, you can supply all the qualifications you are looking for in a candidate. So, if you recently established a food services establishment or if you are increasing your number of cooks, here are some guidelines that can help you draft a job description that entices only the cream of the crop.

1. Lay Out All the Requirements You Need

For an applicant to know whether he or she indeed fits for your job opening for a cook, then be sure to lay out all of your requirements. You may create a criterion that interested applicants can easily follow through upon assessing their own skills and experiences. By doing so, you are not only doing yourself a favor by saving yourself from browsing through resumes of applicants that won't make the cut, but you will also keep them from expecting a callback of an establishment that does not have any intention to followup.

2. Provide an Outline of their Daily Tasks

Put yourself in the shoes of your applicant—would you get attracted to a job description that is not clear with the tasks that will be performed once you get on board? Most likely not. By providing an outline of the daily functions of your cooks, you are also helping your own establishment by not hiring individuals who cannot take on the responsibilities expected and required of them. And if ever that happens, you cannot put all the blame on them since you were not able to provide them their duties right from the outset.

3. Cut to the Chase: Layout Your Expectations

When creating any type of job description, it is highly essential that you can create one that explicitly lays out all of your expectations as an employer toward your prospective employers right from the get-go. Even the most skilled cooks can still get apprehensive of their own skills that, if they encounter a job post that has a little to vague details about the employer's expectations, they would usually hesitate and back out. And you, right there, have missed out on the best cook you'll ever have.

4. Include a Brief Business or Company Culture

One of the factors that many applicants consider before expressing their interest in a job opening is the name of the company culture. Including brief details about your business or company culture is a feature of your job description that can further convince interested individuals to submit their application letters and resumes.

Why? Here's an example: if your company culture places high regard on employee performance and involves no micro-managers, individuals who are precisely looking for a healthy working environment will certainly apply for it.

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