How to Write a Corporate Job Description in Google Docs

The available corporate jobs are endless. A qualified professional can hold a graphic artist in a branding agency, a manager in an industrial firm, a web designer in the advertising or marketing industry, and the list can go on and on.

For you to get the right people for your corporation's open positions, you need to attract them the right way. And one way you can do so is by creating a job description that enables your job listing to stand out from your competitors. Use our guidelines below so you can start creating a compelling job description.

1. Invest in Your Unique Selling Proposition

Who says you can only highlight your selling proposition when selling products? You can also do that when advertising your job vacancies. Avoid structuring your job description like how cookie-cutter job descriptions would. Doing so would only attract the less qualified candidate, and you would not want that, right?

2. Create a Targeted Job Title

A specific job title is more effective in the eyes of your target applicants. Compared to generic ones, precise job titles that contain key phrases that correctly outline the role. Also, avoid the use of your corporation's unique lingos, or else it will only confuse any potential job applicant.

3. Hook Applicants with Your Job Summary

Upon providing the corporate job summary of the open position available in your corporation, see to it that you open it strongly to grab the attention of your target applicants. Keep in mind that the summary could be the applicant's first encounter with your corporation. Basically, the job description should be able to introduce your corporation culture at its best.

4. Outline Core Corporate Job Responsibilities

Right from the very beginning, the responsibilities and duties required of the job position are already specified. Briefly indicate the functions the job position will carry out within the organization. Be sure also to highlight its exclusive duties in your corporation. Doing this ensures that you receive resumes from applicants who know what the job entails and are fully prepared to take on its duties and responsibilities.

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