Have you been given a task today to create an organizational chart, and searching for a simple piece seems to consume a lot of your time?  Well, we've got all the needed tools for you to get started. An organizational chart displays influential individuals and employees who further contribute to the company's progress. They're great ideas and values will eventually pass over to one level to other employees soon, so recognizing their effort is basically important.  We can present their amazing collaboration, close coordination, and excellent leadership through a corporation organizational chart. Let us guide you through on how to build the corporate structure through our highly-editable, 100% customizable, and professional charts. These organizational charts are downloadable in any device and work best in Adobe Pages and Google Docs. The deadline is fast approaching, so subscribe now and get one!

How to Make a Corporation Organizational Chart in Google Docs

Based on Investopedia.com, the first important industrial corporation was the Boston Manufacturing Co. in 1813. It's the start of the revolution of the economy in the United States. Either it's a small scale business or a big-sized organization, they all required a corporation organization chart, which will show the hierarchy structure of individuals. It usually arranged by rank or level and the underlying people they manage to run a particular sector of a corporation. It is composed of individuals who brought a significant contribution to the company's progress and serves as the backbone of the managing system. Each organization preserves and maintains a particular value, philosophy, and perspectives which will eventually become the cutting-edge brand voice of the corporation.

Even creating simple charts needs the company's fact sheet with designated rank titles to determine the level of leadership. These are the key steps to consider when constructing presentable and modern organizational charts for a corporation in Google Docs.

1. Determine Purpose

Typical organizational charts primarily support the collaboration process and the decision-making process within the corporation. It presents the systematic relationship and leadership structure of the company. Determining the purpose will help to create an efficient chart. Some organization chart depends on the series of individuals who take part in the decision-making process, while some charts will depend on the process flow of specific tasks with the individuals involved.

2. Do Research

Determining the source of authority, rank level, and the individual who influences the specific tasks is useful. Identifying the individual who takes part in the overall decision-making process will help to obtain an efficient and accurate organizational chart, thus reconnecting one individual to another part of the organization is possible. Also, the sample list and the information sources should be from the company's facts itself.

3. Assemble the Hierarchy

Once all information and purpose obtained, download the desired organizational chart and organized the details based on the level and chain of corporate frameworks - CEO, COO, BOD, Stock Holders, Executive Team, Management Team, and Employees. In addition, we understand the atmosphere a color could bring to an organizational chart. For color choice, use common corporate color palletes such as blue, gray, black, and even green. You may use the corporate color's identity to appear modern, elegant, and presentable. These organization charts are 100% editable and customizable, so nothing to worry as you may remove any unnecessary shapes or replace it with another department who composes the corporation as a whole. Also, you may also try to check these sample company organizational chart for your reference

4. Review & Print

Take a continuous review of the organization chart and check every detail for accuracy. They're integral relationships with each other based on the authority, command, and decision process should work well simultaneously. Take time to double-check the sample list of individuals for accuracy and completeness of designation. An organization chart shows the basic relationship of one individual to another employee, so being meticulous to specific details promotes accuracy and completeness even for every employees' designation. For printing, these organization charts are available in standard A4 and US letter sizes. You can adjust it either portrait or landscape orientation in Google Docs based on your desire.

5. Decide Where to Post

As mentioned in the first steps, they're several purposes. You may post these charts in the reception area or at the corporate office. These are the common areas where most organizational charts displayed. Search for a wide clean concrete area that can catch the attention of employees. Sometimes, these charts are posted in the wall laminated perfectly. Also, you may check our sample large organizational chart too for more extensive size charts.

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