How to Create a Counselor Job Description in Docs

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1 in 5 U.S., adults experience mental illness every year and 1 in 25 U.S. adults experience severe mental illness every year in America. This record shows that mental illness is a serious matter and should not be taken for granted and that professional counselors are what can help solve such a problem. If you're going to hire someone for the position and you wish to make a Counselor Job Description, then you can read the steps below to teach you how to create It:

1. Provide an Overview of Your Business

Open Google Docs. Create a new document. Then, utilize the tools that are found there. Write a small description of your company, one that states its nature of business and goals. It's best to keep this part short as you'll want to save the rest for the actual job itself.

2. Insert the Job Title and Reiterate the Job Summary

The job title should be bold and capitalized. Specify the type of counselor you are looking for to ensure that you get the right applicants. Then, write the job summary. Be sure that the summary is clear about what the job entails so that applicants will have an idea as to what they'll be doing if the were hired.

3. Put in the Requirements

Now, type in the qualifications that you are looking for in your preferred counselor. Make sure that your job description specifies and elaborates on the skills, experiences, and even education that you want to see on their resumes and cover letters. You may type them in sentences or phrases. Be sure to elaborate on each requirement in bullet form.

4. Put the Contact Information

Don't forget to put the contact information so that the applicants will know where to send their resumes and cover letters. And don't forget to mention the deadline for the submission of requirements.

5. Publish and Post

Every time you make any sort of changes, don't forget to save your file to secure and to protect it from the perils of a possible technical issue. And when you are done, you may publish it in the newspaper or post it on social media. You may also post it on a website that allows you to post your job opening ads.

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