The worldwide health crisis caused by the COVID-19 is perhaps the greatest trial of the current era, with millions of people infected. It also has a massive impact on the global economy, with thousands of companies forced into closure, and millions of jobs lost. But the fight is still on. You can create informative banners with little effort with our COVID-19 Banner Templates. Choose a ready-made template and customize it to promote awareness and download it on your computer. Every template you see on this website is original and crafted by professionals to let you save time in creating informative banners. So get your template now.

What is a COVID-19 Banner?

Covid-19 has caused global health and medical crisis. It also has caused massive damages to the world economy. Countries report reduced GDP growth. The travel industry has reportedly lost 810 billion dollars due to the quarantine restrictions, according to Statista. With the issues caused by the pandemic, we have a few things we can do. You can offer your services to those who need it and spread information about the virus and promote awareness. Preparing banners is one the means which you can promote. Banners are large marketing materials businesses use to promote products and services. They are great for marketing.

How to Create a COVID-19 Banner

Whether these are used as a means to promote services in the middle of the pandemic, or as an encouragement to people working on the front, banners require a degree of creativity to grab attention. You can learn about banner making with the few tips provided below.

1. Consider the Banner's Size

The large size of a banner makes it an excellent and cost-effective promotion tool. However, sheer size is not the only thing that makes banners great. But before considering these things, you have to pay attention to the banner's size. It must be big enough to be seen from afar, but not big enough to be unwieldy. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time transporting it.

2. Ensure that the Text is Readable

The size of the sample banner would not mean much if the contents aren't readable. Select a good font and make sure that it's big enough that it's readable even from afar.

3. Focus on the Main Message

Despite its size, a simple banner has limited working space, and you have to take this into account. Ensure that the main message is in focus.

4. Deliver the Message Straight to the Point

Aside from focusing on the main message, you have to ensure that the message is delivered straight to the point. It is the same as posters and flyers, only substantially larger.

5. Gather High-Quality Materials

Banners are printed into large mediums like a tarp. With this in mind, collect high-quality materials like images, logos, and fonts. Set the resolution to 300 dpi or higher.

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