It has been months since the outbreak began, but COVID-19 is still a big problem worldwide. Many people are still unaware of how serious this is to ourselves and the world’s economy. As experts, it’s up to us to educate people about the dangers of this virus and how each one can help fight it. Here, we have COVID-19 Flyer Templates to help you in spreading awareness to the public. It comes with high-quality and easily editable elements so you won’t have to worry about starting from scratch. Together, let’s fight this pandemic. Start subscribing to our flyer templates today!

What Is a COVID-19 Flyer?

A COVID-19 flyer is a printed advertising material that contains information related to the coronavirus disease. This can be used to educate people, promote fundraising events, or even recruit volunteers.

How to Design COVID-19 Flyers

In a recent survey on the Pharmacy Times, 46% of the participants were having difficulty in maintaining good health. They rely on experts to get the education they need. If you’re planning to spread awareness through flyers, a list of tips is provided below to help you out.

1. Determine a Clear Purpose of Your Flyers

Do not confuse readers by throwing in random details into your flyers, even if those details are related to the pandemic. Your flyers should have one clear purpose. Is it for health promotion? Or for fundraising purposes? Whatever that purpose is, make sure that your flyer focuses on it.

2. Keep the Details Short and Straightforward

When writing the content, you shouldn’t make it long as this will cause readers to lose interest in it. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes when writing the content. Make your content as concise as possible to keep the reader interested and engaged in your advertising flyer.

3. Use Bullet Points for the Content

In relation to keeping the content concise, it's best to use bulleted lists when providing supporting information. By doing so, you can explain each point in 1 or 2 sentences, which is easier to comprehend than when written in narrative form.

4. Add Colors and Other Visual Enhancements

Your flyer should not only be just informative, but it should also be creative. How can you get your message across if your custom flyer’s design looks uninteresting? Of course, keep the layout neat and professional by adding white space, don’t clutter it with too many elements.

5. Make Sure to State Facts Based on Research

With so many details about the coronavirus circulating everywhere, we can barely distinguish the facts from the myths. To build credibility to your professional flyers and organization, make sure to do your research and state only facts. In times like these, people need to know what’s real.

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