From the time of the reporting of the first cases, the United States and the entire globe never expected the coronavirus to be as bad as it is today. With so many people affected by this pandemic, the only thing that we can do is to keep ourselves safe from it. Even while in quarantine, we can still do our part at home by way of donations and spreading awareness to the public. Here, we have a collection of COVID-19 Templates in Google Docs to help you make whatever printed material you need. High-quality and easily editable, do your part today by subscribing to our templates!

How to Make COVID-19 Printed Materials in Google Docs

Each day there are thousands of new coronavirus cases reported in the US according to the website, Marketplace. Instead of doing absolutely nothing, you can always contribute in your little way. Whether it’s spreading awareness or monitoring the stats, our tips below can help you in making whatever tool you need.

1. Do Some Research about the Latest COVID-19 Updates

If you’re planning to make printed materials related to coronavirus, be sure you know what you’re talking about. With so many false news circulating on the internet and in newspapers, you need to make sure that your sources are reliable. It would be best if you researched about the latest news regarding the number of cases, death toll, treatment, and modes of transmission, among others.

2. Decide on What Type of Printed Material to Make

Have you done your research? If so, have you decided what to make? You can create reports, agreements, schedules, surveys, and checklists related to the pandemic. Whatever your purpose is, be sure to choose a type of printed document that’s appropriate and workable.

3. Make an Initial Version of the Reading Material

Aside from ensuring that your document is informative and usable, the presentation of your content also matters. This is why making an initial layout is important since it helps you see visualize the possible look of your COVID-19 reading materials.

4. Use Google Docs to Make the Final Version

After finalizing the layout, you can start using Google Docs to make the final version. The great thing about this app is that it’s readily accessible anytime as long as you’re on to the internet. Open a blank document and start inputting your content.

5. Add Visual Enhancements to the Layout or Design

It won't hurt your content if you add visual enhancements to the layout. In fact, it will make your project look more appealing and will draw more attention from your audience. Add borders, shapes, and a soft background image or color to enhance your printed materials.

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