How to Create a Covid-19 Instagram Post?

The website eMarketer estimated that Instagram users will reach as many as 112.5 million in 2020. With this number of users, any post related to the Covid-19 pandemic will surely gain its numbers and a new audience. If you're a business owner or a company that aims to spread information about Covid-19 through Instagram, read our tips below in creating one.

1. Get Information

In any pandemic or natural disaster, it's better to spread the right information than the wrong ones. Dig a lot on the Covid-19 matters and make sure to cover all aspects, such as the origin, symptoms, preventive measures, health protocols, and other important information. Your document should be comprehensive.

2. Write Content

Come up with a catchy content for your template. Instagram is a photo-sharing application, so you need to incorporate a few attention-grabbing words with graphic elements. Some helpful tips in writing the content—understand your audience and make sure that what you write aims to inform people about the deadly disease.

3. Make the Layout

Choose the right colors and infographics for your layout. This has to be eye-catching as well along with your content. Focus on the message of your layout. Put your logo on any corner of the template to make people focus on your content. Put some finishing touches before wrapping up the design.

4. Write the Caption

For Instagram posts that aim to inform people, writing the caption really matters a lot. Come up with a well-written caption no matter what you want to convey to your audience. Social media does wonders when it comes to promoting content and spreading awareness, especially on pandemics.

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