Aside from the increasing coronavirus death toll, the pandemic has also caused depression and distress in the economy. That's why a lot of businesses have to let go of some of their talents to maintain their financial stability. If you need to send unemployment letters and other unemployment documents to your employees, you have stopped at the right site. We are catering to you different types of COVID-19 Unemployment Templates required in a varying situation. These are easy to customize to save your time. These are printable in A4, US sizes. Each template is professionally written to fit your purpose. Subscribe now to download them!

What is a COVID-19 Unemployment Document?

A COVID-19 unemployment document can be a letter, agreement, or any document that pertains to an employee's unemployment due to the pandemic. It holds a statement of employment termination for the effects of the pandemic on a particular business or company.

How to Make a COVID-19 Unemployment Document?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has caused a lot of unfavorable situations. The coronavirus death rate has rocketed to higher numbers around the globe. However, it's not only the coronavirus deaths that people have to worry about, but also about unemployment. According to St. Louis Fed projections, the unemployment rate could rise to more than 32% and would affect 47 million jobs due to coronavirus freeze. Sadly, this is the reality people have to face. Most companies like yours would find it hard to let go of some of your talented employees, but you have to.

So, this article would like to help you create a document that will help explain why you have to implement furlough.

1. Use Formal Tone

You don't need to sound too emotional or harsh when writing an unemployment letter. Although it may be hard to let go of some of your employees, you still have to establish a formal tone. Using formal language on the letter will show that you're unbiased and are communicating professionally with compassion and respect.

2. State the Reason

The employee should know why there's a sudden layoff in the company. This can help the person understand why there's a need to let go of him or her. You may state that you need to let go of people due to the pandemic to keep the company's financial stability fine in your termination letter.

3. Specify the Effective Lay Off Date

Be sure to tell the employee when he or she should leave the company in your simple letter. You need to add a specific date to prepare the person.

4. List the Benefits

To help your employee feel a little better, you have to include his or her unemployment benefits on the printable letter. Aside from that, it is also the employees' right to receive benefits from your company as financial assistance.

5. Thank the Employee

Before ending your formal letter, you must thank the employee for his or her service. It's your way of appreciating all the hard work and dedication the person showed. Make the person feel good with your honest words of gratitude.

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