What is a Creative Brochure?

A creative brochure is a type of brochure that would let someone unleash their creativity to market their own business. It summarizes as to what your company does and would tell brief product descriptions in a creative way. It is one of a crucial tool for advertising as if it would be well-designed, you can win the hearts of your customers. Some brochure examples that you can be creative with can be your travel brochure or tri-fold brochure as it would take your business into the next level.

How to Make a Creative Brochure

A creative brochure must be layout to be unique and created specifically for a client. Impressive visuals would really pique the interest of your aspiring customers. To make one, others would make resort to a brochure maker but a personal touch would give it a sense of uniqueness and would be relatable. To establish and personalize your business impression using your company brochure, here are some creative tips on how to make a brochure.

1. Design for your Client

If you are a designer, you should conduct a thorough investigation and research about your target audience. Know the basics like their different social, educational, financial backgrounds. Target customer's profile must be clear to you before starting your brochure. These things would really help a lot in which design elements would you apply to your creative brochure.

2. Use Minimal Fonts

Using fonts for variety is discouraged in making your creative brochure. You might need to indicate texts from its front cover to its back but stick in using one to two fonts as variations of it would complicate the graphic design. Use one font for the headline or subheads and one for the body.

3. Pick the Right Color Scheme

Colors have the power to stimulate emotions. If you have a color associated with your business or company, use it as your main color scheme in designing your brochure. Use your logo for uniformity and consistency. If not, you can use colors that would attribute your enterprise and stand for your business values.

4. Brainstorm Design Ideas

You can sit down with your own design team for brainstorming instead of doing it alone. Talk to them about your ideas and be open for comments or suggestions. Use these suggestions as your inspiration. Discuss unique concepts so that your creative brochure would stand out. Another option that you can do is do your brainstorming through researching modern, trendy and creative designs that are in today.

5. Use High-Quality Photos

Images would brighten up your whole creative brochure. Preferably, large images of products or services are scattered all over the pages. In fact, your photos would communicate your message to your client. So, the success of your creative brochure will greatly depend on the premium images that you indicate. To achieve it, you can hire a professional photographer to do it for you. Ask your photographers not to deliver stock images as it will cause a negative impact into the brochure itself.

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