Organizing an event is hard to do. Every detail needs attention and effort, from finding the venue up to the gathering of your guests. How can you do that? To do so, handing them an invitation is the best way to gather and let them witness the special day in your life. For that, we offer you different Creative Invitation Template accessible in Microsoft Word. A 100% customizable, print-ready, and well-crafted template. Visit our website now, and download our free template in different sizes and designs. Get a copy now and gather your family and friends in the special moment of your life. 

How to Make a Creative Invitation in Microsoft Word

Celebrating occasion happens most of the time. To make it happen, you need to invite people to celebrate with you. In a situation like this, it is the best time to start your invitation card business. According to the article from Chron, opening a business like this can help people acquire to have a custom-made invitation. However, it requires money and effort, but you can sell your simple invitation online or in a store. With that, we have steps and tips on how to make a unique and handmade invitation card. See below.

1. Identify the Purpose of Your Invitation

Identify the purpose of your invitation, whether it is a graduation invitation, birthday party invitation, or a wedding invitation. Determining the use of the invitation can help you lessen time. Plus, it helps to keep the flow of the detail going smooth. No matter how beautiful and elegant your invitation if you don't know its purpose, it is useless.

2. Pick a Card Size

Selecting a card size, think first what it would look like if it is too small or too big. Or is it comfortable to carry? Also, if it will fit according to the event you are organizing. As an aid, you can choose a standard size such as 4" x 6" and 4.25" x 6" commonly used for birthdays, christenings, and graduation balls. Plus, 5"x7" usually used in weddings and formal parties. When choosing a card size matter most because it is your basis in writing the details in your sample card, make sure you select the correct card size to make your invitation presentable.

3. Establish Design

Establish a design that is appealing and enticing to the potential guests. Choose a design that complements the theme. For instance, you are hosting a baby shower, and then the design might be cute stuff that represents the gender of the baby. Incorporate the design with your chosen theme. Remember, don't overdo your design that can damage the appearance of your card. Also, in picking a theme, make sure that it will suit your invitation card.

4. Write the Important Details

Be discreet in jotting down all the details. Indicate all the relevant information like the name, location, time, and the event they are attending. Also, don't forget to include your contact details if they have some questions about the said event. Also, you can use bullet points to high light the main event. Make sure that all the information is accurate and straight to the point to avoid lengthy text that might occupy the whole space of your card.

5. Insert in an Envelope

Insert your invitation in an envelope to avoid being crumpled and cluttered. In this way, you will maintain its cleanliness. With this, your invitation card is safe and unscathed. Also, you can design your envelope similar to the theme. As a result, when you disseminate your invitations, the potential guest will be amazed to see your creation.

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