Magazines are among the widely distributed periodical publications worldwide. In fact, according to Statista, there were 7,357 magazine print consumers in the US in 2019. Because of this, more than articles users can read, magazines also served as traditional advertising material for businesses. But magazines can vary in purpose. Some use it for fashion, sports, and food, while others have unique causes such as mental health awareness. But either way, having a magazine helps provide an interesting topic to a bigger audience. If you don’t know where to start, know more about our creative magazine templates that are available in InDesign.

Indeed, more people have used modern magazines to effectively showcase a variety of topics. But it takes a lot of work to design an attractive front cover for the back end. With that, we got you covered with our premade and printable magazines. Now, what does that mean? If you have a premade template, your content is ready. That means you can save it automatically and print it. However, this could vary depending on the type of brand you promote. InDesign file format is available for you to adjust, add, and remove different sections. All you have to do is understand the concept of your magazine. From there, you can easily pick a template close to your needs.

Additionally, you may include typography and illustrations to improve visuals. Using our templates keeps the process easy and quick. Then, review your work. Finally, make sure to subscribe to our subscription plans to get exclusive updates of upcoming and pro templates. Browse to check more of our offerings.

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