Reaching an optimum customer experience is every business’s unceasing goal. Every marketing tactic, every upgrade, and every venture is created to accommodate them the best way possible. Their loyal patronage and continued support in your products and services are what makes your brand thrive in the industry. Recognize their following and reward them with our Customer Appreciation Certificate. It’s complete with a readymade certificate that’s highly editable and accessible in any gadget for your convenience. Avail yours in MS WordIllustratorPublisher, and Pages. Get our best design and subscribe to our plans today.

What is a Customer Appreciation Certificate?

A customer appreciation certificate is a certificate granted to a business’ clientele as a form of gratitude for various reasons (e.g., first purchase, longest subscription, loyalty recognition, etc.)

How to Make a Customer Appreciation Certificate?

American Express points out how appreciation contributes to customer satisfaction. Serving the premium products and services might be the way to go, but valuing their trust and recognizing their patronage towards your business bring customer service to a whole new level. Diving right into impersonal transactions without building rapport and partnership may prompt them to go to another place where they feel more appreciated.

A customer appreciation certificate shows how you genuinely value their confidence in your brand. Below are some tips on how you can create your own:

1. Have a Certificate Template

The easiest and fastest way to get this job done is to use a certificate template. This is an excellent choice to take, especially if you don’t have an in-house designer to do the layout. Hiring a private designer may cause you hefty expenses. With a template, you can easily access it on any device in any application for the customization.

2. Set a Theme

If you prefer to start your work from scratch, start by planning your layout’s theme. This way, you’ll be able to plan what borders, artworks, font styles, and color schemes to incorporate. In deciding which theme to pursue, consider your certificate’s purpose, what the occasion is all about, and who the recipients will be. For example, if you’re giving out certificates to the top purchasers of the year in an organized ceremony, you might want to incorporate a business award certificate layout.

3. Follow Proper Formatting

Complete your content by following the proper custom certificate format. This includes the award title, the presentation line, recipient’s name, the organization or company behind the award, description, date, and the signatories. Abide with the proper order and fill the spots in a brief and straightforward manner. It’s important to note that you should proofread the entire content and see to it that you have written the right details. Pay close attention to your recipient’s name and ensure that you have the right person and the right spelling.

4. Apply Branding Designs

This is a good opportunity to extend your branding by incorporating your identity on your certificate’s layout. Use your company’s logo, motif, and typeface. This is also a form of verification because anyone who’ll see the certificate will know that it’s yours. Your clients will appreciate this as well, especially if you’re a reputable name in the industry. If you’re designing a layout where you won’t be able to apply your branding elements, the logo will suffice.

5. Print on a Heavy Stock Paper

Using a flimsy and basic paper material may indicate that your certificate isn’t as worthy as it seems. Low-grade stationeries will drag your certificate’s overall quality. Using heavy stock papers such as parchment, linen, laid, and granite improves your design’s visual characteristics as it provides a better surface quality. It’s also durable, which provides better preservation.

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