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How to Make Ready-Made Customer Appreciation Certificate Templates in Microsoft Words (DOC)

Award certificates may be printed on what many would refer to as simple paper, but they are recognition or appreciation for the achievements of an individual. Moreover, they are usually presented in a formal ceremony. So, how does one exactly create a printable certificate specifically on Microsoft Word (DOC)? Well, we have gathered the following steps to help you get started.

  1. Open the File on Microsoft Word (DOC)

First, have Microsoft Word open on your desktop. You have the option to start designing your certificate from scratch by opening a blank document. But to make your life a little bit easier, you can simply download our templates and open them on Microsoft Word.

  1. Choose An Overall Theme

This is where your creativity will shine through. Choose a design that ties in with the kind of certificate you will be awarding. Pick the type of border as well as the background of your certificate. Make sure that overall, it is not overwhelming.

  1. Time to Add Images And Logo

The next step is to add any images that you would like to be on the award certificate. Of course, do not forget to add your company’s logo as this will help the recipient identify the award-giving body. You can also look up a sample certificate so you gain ideas on the placement of the images and logos.

  1. Insert Texts

Once you have decided the design and have placed the images, it is now time to add the text. Specify the name of the award as well as the name of the recipient. Make sure that none of the names are misspelled.

  1. Print or Download Your Certificate

You may now print your award certificate. Choose your type paper (parchment is a popular choice!). You can also opt to download your certificate to make it a digital version.

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