Your clientele or customers is one of the elements you should focus on in your marketing strategy. Failing to give a satisfying customer experience will reduce your chance of success. That's why meeting their needs should be your topmost priority. Having a flowchart will help you design your workflow with how you can improve your customer service. You won't waste your time with our ready-made Customer Service Flowchart Templates!  With these readily available templates, you can instantly design a flowchart. Available in Word, Pages, Publisher, PDF, or Google Docs formats. Replace the sample content and print or share it with your team. Download now, and improve your customer support! 

What Is a Customer Service Flowchart?

A customer service flowchart is a tool that depicts the process of how the service provider team should handle customer inquiries and escalation. It’s a step-by-step process of how to improve and solve your customer issues.

How to Create a Customer Service Flowchart

Customers’ feedback can contribute to improving the quality of your customer service. Microsoft reported that 52% of people in the world believe that companies need to listen to the feedback or criticisms voiced out by their customers. Although this feedback can be a little harsh, being receptive to them can help your company grow.

Consider the steps below on how you can create a flowchart that will improve your company’s customer service quality.

1. Know Your Customer

There are various types of customers. That is why you have to apply different approaches that cater to their needs. You may encounter a potential, new, regular, or demanding customer. And these customer types have unique qualities that you should understand better.

2. Identify Points of Contact

Customers reach service providers in various ways. It can be through a phone call, text message, email, or social media posts or messages. Knowing the methods of how customers communicate is vital in developing an approach suitable for them.

3. Download a Flowchart Template

Downloading a template will make your life a bit easier. All you need to do is tweak the contents and format so it will be just right for your details and marketing strategies.

4. Determine the Shapes and Themes

Shapes in a flowchart have different meanings. Determine what shapes you’ll use and define the purpose of these forms for easy readability. Add suitable themes to make your business flowchart more presentable.

5. Enter Texts

Incorporate keywords to complete your flowchart. Connect them accordingly to relate each keyword and clear up the process of your communication flowchart.

6. Refine

This simply means that you need to edit your management flowchart to check for some minor inaccuracy.

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