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How to Make a Customer Service Flowchart in Apple Pages

Customers are one of the reasons why businesses grow. This fact is known to all businesses out there. They know that they have to provide quality customer service to all their clients. American Express says that 40% of customers say that companies should immediately concentrate on their needs. We can never ignore our customers.

More so, your company needs a simple guide to follow to attend to the customers' needs. This simple guide is a customer service flowchart. If you are new to making a flowchart, follow the easy steps below:

1. Recognize the Kind of Customer Sevice

The first thing on your checklist should be identifying the kind of customer service channel you want to make a flowchart of. There are actually different kinds of customer services out there. You only have to focus on one. Is it a phone call (live answering service), live chat, email, or social media support? This process helps you with having a good start.

2. Look for Solutions to Customer Problems

Next, you have to understand the potential problems that a customer may have. For instance, the customer has a technical issue, then write possible solutions for it. You may collaborate with the team about the possible solutions you need to follow. How will you handle the customer's requests? Are your answers appropriate? Make a list of all the possible solutions, then find the best one that can handle the customer request.

3. Arrange It

Next, you have to arrange everything in sequence. Every step has to be in its appropriate place. Since this is just a draft, you can list the details on a piece of paper. You may put a number on each detail as your guide. Make sure that your chart is going to be achievable. You can't include impossible things on your list. If you do, your flowchart is going to be useless to your company.

4. Make an Outline

After arranging your data, you can now start making an outline for it. The thing is, you have to be familiar with the shapes that you need to use for diagramming. For example, a terminator symbol focuses on the start and the end of the process; and the box marks a single step. You have to insert shapes and their corresponding detail inside them. Make sure that your outline is easy to understand. You have to put flow lines on your basic chart to indicate the direction of the flow.

5. Make the Flowchart

Once done, you need to start making your flowchart. You can also search for sample charts as your guide for the layout. The flow diagram needs shapes and text boxes. Now, you may open a flowchart software for your diagram. You can now open Apple Pages for this. Add colors to your shapes to make it more engaging. Your design should be simple and understandable. Use readable fonts so that anyone who will read it is going to have an easier time.

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