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How To Create A Customer Service Flowchart In Publisher

According to research, two-thirds of the competitive edge of a company is based on how they handle their customers. For any business, you must ensure that your customer care team treats your customers right. Because once a customer is not satisfied with your service, there's a ninety percent chance that the person will leave you for your competitors. The role of your customer support is to solve the issues that your customers are facing. If you want to boost your company's sales performance, you have to improve your company's customer service.

A flow chart is a document that provides a visual flow of a process. This can help improve your customer service processes, as well as your customer support team's performance. To create an effective flowchart for our customer service in Publisher, follow the steps provided below.

1. Determine your current Process Flow

Talk to the people who work directly with that department to identify the current flow of the process. Experience the process yourself so you can determine if there are steps that need improvement or changes. It's necessary that you list the exact process, regardless if you think that a certain step must be removed or whatsoever. Changes will be made later on. Be sure to take down notes.

2. Create your new Process Flow

Using your notes, start creating your new flow. Make sure you analyze each step of your new process flow. Does a certain step need confirmation before it can proceed to the next step? Should you remove or add a step? Keep each step precise and concise. Number the steps so that you won't forget what comes first and what comes next.

3. Add and Connect

It's time to form the chart. Open Publisher and create a new document. Go to Insert menu, click Shapes, then select a shape. Click the area in the publication where you want to place the shape, and that's it. For basic steps, use the rounded rectangular shape. For steps that need approval or answer before it can proceed to the next part, use the diamond shape. To connect the shapes and form the chart, use an arrow. Be sure to save your work from time to time, or else you'll lose your work when you encounter a problem with Word or your computer or laptop.

4. Observe Uniformness

Make a basic chart. You're creating a formal document for your customer service, so simply add color to the shapes, but don't put any design elements. Observe uniformness by using only one color and size for the shapes. To ensure that all shapes have the same size, right-click on the first shape that you make and click Copy to have an exact copy of the shape.

5. Review and Print/Publish

Review your work once you're done to ensure that there are no more errors and mistakes. Don't forget to add your company's logo at the top portion of your flowchart. After polishing your work, hit Save, then publish or print your chart.

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