What is a Customer Support Resume?

A customer support resume is a document showcasing a customer support applicant's personal information, educational background, experience, and skills to be handed to potential employers. The appearance of the professional resume may influence the employer's decision to interview you and more specifically, what and how you deliver details.

How to Create a Customer Support Resume

Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the employment of customer support is expected to grow five percent from 2016 to 2026, roughly as fast as the average for all occupations. Customer support representatives and specialists are usually accountable for managing client complaints, billing issues, fundamental troubleshooting, placing requests and sales. If you are planning to apply for this kind of job a professional and well-written customer support resume is the best response to a hiring customer service company. In order for you to create one, take some time to read the following tips and instructions below.

1. Format your Customer Support Resume

For easy reading, provide an easy-to-follow format. You may use the reverse-chronological format. It will provide a convenient way of presenting your skills and other important details with emphasis. A blog suggests that in order to provide a neat and well-structured customer support resume, embrace white spaces. Also, maintain a resume-friendly typeface to guarantee a readable document.

2. Craft an Objective or Summary

To capture the attention of the potential employer, it is best to write a catchy and interesting objective. It is a concise and straightforward paragraph that packages your strengths and proves that you are a suitable candidate in that certain position. A study reveals that on average, each corporate job entry receives 250 resumes. Unfortunately, only four to six of these applicants will be asked for an interview and only one of them will be given a position.

3. Incorporate your Customer Support Skills

Your customer support resume would be a dull one if you will not highlight some of your customer support skills. To increase the potential employer's customer satisfaction score by 200 percent, showcase the skills that they have been looking for. Take note, be honest enough in presenting those. Oral and written communication, troubleshooting, computer skills, listening skills are some of the many skills that a customer support representative must possess.

4. Create a Cover Letter

Along with crafting your resume, it is best if you attach a cover letter. This too is an essential document that enables you to express other details that your resume can't. It provides an opportunity to tell your potential employers about the type of job you are searching for and how suitable you are for it.

5. Recheck for Errors

Any resume such as customer resume has to be carefully written before you print or send it to your potential employer. Make it a point to reread and review each section. You may have typo errors, misspelled words, and you may forget to exclude unnecessary details or miss to update some. Ensure that everything is error-free. Submitting a flawed resume may decrease the chance of hiring you.

6. Decide How to Send your Customer Support Resume

Finally, it's time to think about how you are going to send it. Preferably, a lot of people choose to print it out and submit to their potential employer personally. Others find it convenient to send it digitally. Anyway, choose what's best for you.

An article states that sending a resume electronically might not even be read due to sheer interests. Place yourself in the best possible situation and fall off your basic resume offline.

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