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How To Make A Dance Poster In Adobe Illustrator

Dancing is a form of art used to express stories and ideas. It's a talent known by many. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, dancers earned an average of 16.31 dollars per hour, while choreographers earned an average of 22.98 dollars per hour in May 2018. Are you hosting a dance concert to showcase the talents of young individuals? Perhaps a dance battle for aspiring dancers out there? Or maybe you're hosting a dance party for your school? If that's the case, then come up with a well-designed poster to entice individuals to join your event.

As you know, posters are one of the earliest forms of advertisement. These were first developed in the 19th century. And up until today, organizers use this to inform people about an event or business. It's a simple but effective tool.

Here are things to keep in mind when creating a dance poster in Adobe Illustrator on your Mac.

1. Simplicity is the Key

People look at a poster mainly because they want to know the details about a concert or they're curious about the poster. But once they look at it and find the design straining to the eyes, they will turn their heads and walk away. Avoid that by keeping your design simple and focusing more on the information. Only add a few design elements and use eye-catching and contrasting colors. Keep your words precise and concise, or it will look too crowded. Is creating a poster from scratch time-consuming? Use a pre-made template to speed up the process. Our website offers Creative Poster Templates, which are all editable and customizable in Apple Pages. It's less stressful and time-consuming.

2. Eye-Catching Photos and Illustrations are A-Must

A simple poster would look more attractive and interesting with eye-catching photos and illustrations. It can also bring color to your poster. Thus, include striking photos or illustrations that go well with your theme and match the dance event. (There are tons of stock photos on the internet that you can use.) To add a photo to your document in Apple Pages, all you have to do is locate the image, drag, then drop it on the document. It's that simple!

3. Typography is Important

The typography of your text has a big impact on whether an individual will read your poster. It should be striking enough and easy to read for a person to continue reading. Therefore, use only two different fonts on your design. For information such as what the event is about, where the venue is, date, and time, use a simple font style and a legible font size. Separate your contact details and website information but use the same font style and size.

4. Always Save and Review

It's always important to save your work from time to time to avoid losing your work in case Apple Pages or your computer freezes or malfunctions. And before saving your document, always check the details to make sure there are no errors or mistakes.

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