How To Create A Department Flowchart In Google Docs

Organizations require different expertise in various fields for it to run effectively. As a result, a business is divided into different departments, e.g., manufacturing department, accounts, department, and marketing department, to cater to the business' specific needs. By grouping them, there would be efficiency and lower unit costs. For a department manager to effectively manage all personnel, a clear and strong organizational structure is needed. And when it comes to the development process, everyone working in a department must follow a process flow to execute the job properly and efficiently.

A flowchart is a document that visually presents a process or flow. This document is vital within a department as it graphically shows how to do a procedure. This ensures that the personnel assigned to this can do the job well. Follow the How-To guide below on how you can create a department flowchart in Google Docs.

1. Understand and Identify the current Process

Talk to the people in the department to identify and understand how the process works. To understand it better, go to that specific department in your company and experience the process yourself. Jot down the current steps and make sure that it's accurate.

2. Make the Necessary Changes

After you've understood and identified the process, it's time to create your new steps. Using your list, analyze the current steps. Do you need to add a step? Perhaps remove a step? Maybe you need to change a step? Put yourself on the shoe of the person who would be executing the process. Make sure that the process is both convenient for the user and the doer.

3. Build the Chart

The good thing about using Google Docs to create a flowchart is because of its convenience and easy to use features. After you've created a new document in Google Docs, go to Insert Tab, then click Drawing to open the drawing window. There, you'll find the shape icon.

If you're having a hard time choosing a shape, go with a rounded rectangular shape, which is the most commonly used shape for flowcharts. Add a shape, then insert a step. Repeat the process and connect the shapes using arrows one at a time to start forming the flowchart. You don't have to save your work from time to time as Google Docs has an automatic saving feature.

4. Add Color

To bring color to your chart, select the Shape, then click the Fill Color icon. Choose among the many colors that Google Docs offer. Use your company color to promote branding. Speaking of branding, don't forget to add in your company's logo on the upper portion of your flowchart.

5. Review, Print, and Post

After building your simple chart, go over it twice to look for errors and mistakes. Make some revisions if necessary. After polishing everything, go ahead and print it. Make sure you post this on the department's front office for everyone to see. This will guide your employees in doing the process accurately.

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