Is there an upcoming construction project that needs to be fulfilled on time? Are you looking to improve the workflow quality of your employees? Keeping things organized and having a concise plan in place are key components when it successfully running your business or organization. As our way of helping you out, we’ve compiled a professional library of Ready-Made Department Flowchart Templates that are versatile to suit any specific sector within your company. 100% customizable and easily editable, these templates will save time from having to draft a flowchart from scratch. Each template is available in A4 and US letter sizes, compatible with Apple Pages. Download now -- sort out those tasks and projects without a hitch!

How to Make a Department Flowchart in Pages

An imperative practice to manage tasks is keeping a team focused on the main function of a successful workflow and knowing when tradeoffs are necessary to achieve this. This is easier said than done, but using our Ready-Made Department Flowchart Templates will definitely make it a more reachable goal! Plus, with Apple Pages as your streamlined and easy-to-use tool of choice, fitting our templates to suit your organizational needs is a cinch!

Check out our simple yet comprehensive guide (found just below) to see how you can utilize your Mac computer as an effective editing platform.

1. Visit the App Store; Install Apple Pages

Apple Pages is a productivity program that’s user-friendly in its handling yet provides an efficient way to make full use of our templates. To get your hands on this handy software, head over to Apple’s App Store; downloading Pages is free, so there’s no need to concern your wallet!

Don’t have a Mac desktop available? That’s not a problem if you have an iPad or iPhone. With Pages being usable on your iOS device, you’ll be able to edit templates and more wherever you need to. Plus, if you’d like a more intuitive way of interacting with Pages, the app comes compatible with Apple Pencil.

2. Decide on a Template; Download in a Snap

We have a healthy assortment of editable document templates that are useful for all working needs! After deciding on one of our Ready-Made Department Flowchart Templates, open the chosen template’s page by clicking on its respective thumbnail (found on this page). On the new page, click the provided download button and follow a few quick steps to save the template file onto your desktop/device storage. To make it easier for you to find in your storage later, rename the file to something that you can remember; keep in mind to not change the file type or the template becomes unusable.

3. Boot up Apple Pages and Open Your Template File

Once you have your template downloaded, open the file in Pages and edit as you compose the workflow in your head.

Putting together a flowchart with our templates is easy, since you’ll be presented with an expertly-crafted layout premade for you to customize as needed. Just delete the placeholder text found within the template and replace them with any information required for your specific flowchart. Since there’s (usually) more than one person working in a department, it’s important that the content is easily readable by all members; implement styles and colors that are suitable for your font.

As another means to effectively organize, utilize a planner to sort out a department’s tasks and responsibilities.

4. Save and Print

Don’t forget to save the changes to your template after you’re done. Print out as many copies as needed for distribution; hand them out to appropriate department members and/or post them wherever necessary.

By using Apple Pages and our flowchart templates, you won’t break a sweat in keeping each of your company’s departments on track!

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