How to Create a Department Flowchart in PDF

For companies to function significantly, it needs to involve a lot of skilled and hardworking individuals. Dividing the company into departments is necessary. Each of these departments focuses on various aspects of improving the business and maintaining its credibility. But not only do they assign employees to different divisions, but it is highly relevant for them to follow specific orders of doing the task. Internal controls, technical support, billing, maintenance, and service departments need to make sure that they follow the right workflow procedure to avoid involving the whole organization in troubles. Business process management and workflow are more than just connecting all the dots to employ the process successfully. But it has to involve the whole organizational structure to follow an appropriate sequence of tasks. For you to maintain a functional organization, below are helpful steps you can follow in creating a Department Flowchart in PDF.

1. Know the Company Departments

First things first, understand your business. Since companies involve various departments, it’s essential to determine which division is your main priority. Start at the top of the list. Determine the flaws, problems, and troubles that every department faces. This is a necessary process to deploy the appropriate task to improve the workflow. To manage the procedure in doing so, gather your team around. Discuss various components that deter your business to progress.

2. Analyze the Steps

Next, analyzing the steps also include identifying the current strategies and tasks. These will serve as your starting points to determine the errors. In which, this will eventually help you create the steps to complete your chart. Make sure that you focus on one department at a time. For example, when creating a workflow process for the information technology department, decide on the beginning and ending points accurately. But remember, point C must connect to point D.

3. Get a Flow Chart Diagram

The next step is to get things done visually. Start mapping out the workflow process by creating a flow chart in a new PDF document. Or, you can start with a ready-made template. Our website offers High-Quality Department Flowchart Templates you can download. Other than that, you can edit it using PDF. You can find the downloaded template from the Downloads folder on your computer. Open it with the application. Then, start editing it. You have two options to choose when plotting the layout: horizontal or vertical. When highlighting the process, it is recommended to use the horizontal layout.

4. Incorporate the Details

Once the layout is ready, each box or shape should be filled in. Finish a simple chart by adding all the steps. But remember to avoid scrambling the process. Or else, you will be making the same mistake. Point A must connect to Point B through an arrow or a line pointing in the right direction. To add your text, click the Tools button. Then, drag the text where it needs to be.

5. Recheck and Train Your Team

Always give time to check the labels before printing the flowchart. Whenever you are hesitant, you can always ask someone to check the document for you. In this way, they can suggest to change or enhance the flow, if there is a need to. Once everything is done, send the flowchart via email. Or print enough copies. Then, start training your team.

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