When it comes to running a company or organization, it is a high priority to keep things operating in tiptop condition. So, to achieve this, you need to make sure that each working department is lead and organized appropriately. With our Ready-Made Department Flowchart Templates, you can create an effective guide for employees to follow. Every template in our professional collection is easily editable in Microsoft Publisher. These downloadable files are available in A4 and US letter sizes, printable for your convenience. Download our professional templates and save time from building a workflow from scratch!

How to Make a Department Flowchart in Publisher

The construction of a flowchart might not seem like it would be much help to bother with, but a little bit goes a long way for important practices to manage your workforce’s tasks and projects. Plus, you can easily and conveniently create a flowchart with any of our Ready-Made Department Flowchart Templates!

Microsoft Publisher is an efficient productivity program that makes it even easier to work on our flowchart templates; it’s specifically tailored to work on, not just flowcharts, but also other various types of reading material (labels, magazines, letters, etc). Read through our short and simple guide down below to find out more.

1. Download and Install Publisher

Do you need an editing tool that’s easy to use and suitable for customizing our templates with? Then MS Publisher is the perfect fit for the job. If you don’t have access to using Publisher yet, you can simply visit the Microsoft Office Store to find it. Once you’re there, choose one of their available subscription plans to install the program onto your desktop PC. They also have a free trial demo for Publisher (and their other useful programs) that you can take advantage of for a whole week.

2. Pick an Appropriate Flowchart Template

Were you able to install Publisher yet? Have a look through our library of Ready-Made Department Flowchart Templates (found on this page) to find a flowchart design that’s right for the task at hand.

After choosing one of our flowchart templates, click on the chosen template’s respective thumbnail to open its page in a new browser tab. On the new page, use the provided download button (on the right side) to save the template file onto your computer storage; follow the quick steps that appear. If you’d like to know more about the file, have a look through the Template Details section (just below the download link; there’s also a set of preview pictures found on the left side of the page.

3. Fire up MS Publisher; Customize Your Template

Once you have Publisher installed and your desired template downloaded, it’s time to start editing. Since your template already comes with a predesigned layout, you can simply replace the placeholder text with the needed information for your flowchart.

Make sure to use a font with color and style that make the contents easy to read. Besides that, the information in each text bubble needs to make sense when following them in sequence. If needed, Publisher lets you add in your own pictures/images; having additional imagery can help in better conveying information to the reader. To further help you sort out the company departments, utilizing a planner is a good idea.

4. Save Your Work and Print as Necessary

Remember to save the changes to your flowchart template after you’re done putting it together. Go ahead and print out any needed paper copies for distribution, either to hand out individually or post on any noticeboards for relevant department staff to see.

By using MS Publisher and our customizable document templates, leading a workforce can be done without breaking a sweat!

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