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How to Create a Design Firm Organizational Chart in Google Docs

An organizational chart is an essential part of a design firm. With so many workers in this type of industry, it becomes hard to distinguish who employees should report to. You can make an organizational chart for your design firm in Google Docs. Read our tips below.

1. Get Info

Before making your organizational chart, you have to get the names and positions of all people working in the design firm. Ask your HR department for this information. Make a list of the workers for your reference later on. You can turn it into an outline and start connecting the names of people based on the line of command.

2. Create Layout

Open a blank document in Google Docs. You can now start creating your organizational chart by adding shapes on the blank sheet. Based on your outline, add the names and positions of the employees of the design firm.

3. Add Details

Now that you've added the shapes and names, it's time to connect them. Use lines to connect one name and the other. Always refer to your outline, so you won't make a mistake. Make sure that the right people are in the right department. You can use various colors and graphic design elements to distinguish one department from the other. Label the name of the department for a certain group of people. Lastly, don't forget that your chart goes from top to bottom.

4. Review

Always review your document to spot minor errors. Make sure your organizational chart is spotless and complete in detail. It won't be effective in establishing authority in the office if it contains any error.

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