Designing is about creating a visual look or a shape to a particular object to make it more attractive, or to improve the characteristics. There are many fields under design. Those who create visual concepts using computer software are called graphic designers and those who create clothing and footwear are called fashion designers. Designers are in high demand nowadays for there is increasing rapidly in population. If you are opening for new doors for designers, the first thing you need to consider is to make a job description. On our site, you will find beautifully designed layouts of our Designer Job Description Templates that are 100% fully customizable and accessible. You can download in these available file formats—Microsoft Word (.docx), Apple Pages (.pages), and Google Docs. Grab one of our ready-made templates now and hire more designers!

What is a Designer Job Description?

A designer job description is a written narrative that contains details of the summary of the overall tasks. It also includes the duties and responsibilities of the designer. It also stated the skills, expertise, and abilities required to perform. It can also represent an infographic.

How to Make a Designer Job Description

In terms of designers, there are many fields under that. Field examples include, but not limited to, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, and industrial design. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for the designers projected to grow by 3%, 1%, 4%, and 3%, respectively. Rasmussen College also concluded that graphic design is the most in-demand design professionals. Therefore, there are a lot more opportunities for designers to apply when your company starts opening new positions for the profession of design.

If you are starting to hire designers, then you should first make a job description. To help you with that, we have here a step-by-step guide and tips on how to make a designer job description.

1. Know the Details

Before working on your job description, it is better to know the details first of how designers work. Research and gather up the information. You also have to specify the job title to identify the things you have to learn. Whether it's a web designer, fashion designer, or a graphic designer, it's much easier for you to make your job description with a specific job position. If you are having a hard time and a tight schedule, then choose one of our sample templates instead. It's much easier and more convenient.

2. Start with the Overview

As soon as you are done contemplating, make the content of your job description by starting with the overview. Write a summary of the overall tasks of the indicated position. Include the amount of time needed for the employee has to work. It will help them decide whether to take that job or not.

3. Include the Duties and Responsibilities

After the overview, proceed with the duties and responsibilities that consist of the task they need to work on. You also should include writing the qualifications to help your applicants decide whether they are suitable for the job. It also consists of the skills required for the job.

4. Mention the Benefits

Mentioning the benefits will help your applicants to pursue more knowing that they can also gain benefits. The benefits include the salary rate, paid leave, insurance, and many more to mention.

5. Consider Formatting

During the process of writing your job description, you also have to consider formatting the texts and layout. Choose the appropriate font sizes, styles, and colors that applicants can able to read. Make sure to check the detailed job description after you are done to avoid having errors.

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