How to Create a Designer Job Description in Google Docs

Since the 19th century, designing already existed in different forms. From houses, posters, and live figures, it has been widely significant. In modern times, we can assert how it evolved fully. Perhaps, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for graphic artists is at its peak, reaching 290,100 job seekers in 2018. But whether you are a software engineer, animator, or web designer, this data only manifests that the design history has never vanished. In which, most businesses have taken advantage today.

So, for your company to compete, craft a detailed and particular job description for applicants to consider. Make it stand out from the hundreds of job openings. With that, we help you create a Designer Job Description in Google Docs with a list of tips below.

1. Gather the Important Details

To provide a well-crafted job description means you have to get the exact details. So to get started, begin by collecting what you need. This includes the company’s mission, the nature of the job, and the benefits employees will get. Make sure to create a list that will help you detail down what’s necessary. Once done, proceed to the next step to elaborate further on each section.

2. Provide a Clear Job Title and Summary

As soon as you get the appropriate details, continue the process with an eye-catching opening. With that said, ensure that your content features the job title and brief job summary. Using Google Docs, launch a new document. Now, place the job title at the topmost part of the document. Make it big and easy to read. Next, provide a detailed and eye-grabbing job summary. One paragraph should be enough to make it engaging. But make sure to use words that are a common terminology to the position you are opening for.

3. Indicate the Duties and Responsibilities

Business development needs to include a coherent list of duties. With that said, proceed by listing down the responsibilities that current employees and applicants can evaluate for their qualifications. Avoid listing down tedious tasks in paragraph form. This can be inconvenient for them to absorb. Instead, make a simple list and use five to seven bulleted key roles that best fit with the designer position opened for. Or, you may consider regrouping different sets of duties. For example, place at least three qualifications under the “Technical Skills.” Also, consider explaining how these skills benefit the company.

4. Keep It Neat and Simple

Part of the process is to produce a clean and professional-looking layout. Indeed, the visuals matter. So to help you through, you may consider getting a Ready-Made Designer Job Description Template from our website instead of making one from scratch. With a premade template, the format is ready, so this saves you enough time. More so, a clean document provides convenience for designers. So when done, make sure to review the whole document. Check for grammatical errors and missing key points. If there is any, modify it before the posting. Now, proceed with the selections of the right candidates!

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