How to Make a Desk Calendar in Google Docs

There are plenty of different things you can adorn a desk or table with; a vase, some figurines, maybe a fancy lamp. Though, if you want something that’s simple, affordable, and functional, then you can’t go wrong with a handsome tabletop calendar! While being a useful and convenient way of checking what the next holiday is, a calendar also makes for a classy piece of decoration to fill in that last bit of empty space that you don’t know what to do with.

There’s a lot of history behind calendars. As stated in a page from, a calendar system is typically used to measure and arrange various lengths of time. Even before the recorded history of mankind, different regional calendars were developed around the world; some examples include the Chinese lunar calendar, the pre-Columbian Mayan calendar, and ancient Rome’s Julian calendar. Today, the modern system being used worldwide is the Gregorian calendar.

If you’re in search of a calendar sample that contains an appealing premade graphic design and is easy to customize, then have a browse through our Ready-Made Desk Calendar Templates. You won’t be disappointed with our variety of design templates, which contains all kinds of artwork and photography for you to take advantage of!

1. Take Your Pick and Download Instantly

Using a template to work off of is a nice way to practice your art and design skills. So, start an art project by creating a calendar from one of our Ready-Made Desk Calendar Templates. Not only are our calendar samples diverse in their aesthetics, but some even have handy little additions like planners on each of their pages. So, no need to rush and just take your time finding a template that gets your eager to customize it!

2. Convenient Calendar Creation on Your Browser

For those in need of a convenient method to edit their templates without the fuss of installing something onto their laptop or desktop computer, then Google Docs is the solution to that problem.

After picking which calendar template you wanna try out, download it and start flexing those creative muscles on Google Docs. To give yourself a slight challenge, compose your own miniature planner for tasks and schedules on each page!

Once you’re through with your template’s initial edit, it’d be wise to go through everything and make sure to correct any mistakes. Lastly, always remember to save.

3. Assemble the Printed Pages

For this part, you’ll need a hole puncher and a calendar stand. You can find these at your local school & office supplies store--don’t worry, they shouldn’t cost you too much.

When you’ve printed out all the calendar pages, stack and align them just right before using the puncher to make holes along the top; cut out as many holes as needed for your particular stand. Afterward, simply slide the pages onto the stand’s hooks/clasps and it’s complete!

4. Fill in That Empty Spot

With your desk calendar done, you can finally use that empty space on your table or shelf. Be it at home or your job, we can help you keep up with the days and decorate your surroundings with our Ready-Made Desk Calendar Templates!

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