Whether you're a high school or college student or a working individual, planners are essentials so that you can keep track of important dates and keep your projects organized. Because with a desk calendar right in front of you, you'll always be reminded of events you need to attend and stuffs you must do, making you do the work without any excuses. Get a hold of our beautifully-designed and ready-made Desk Planner Templates in Apple Pages so that you can make yours in just a few minutes. They come in A4 and US sizes. Manage your time wisely. Download a template now!

How To Create A Desk Planner In Apple Pages

According to an article in Lifehack, two of the reasons why people feel like they don't have enough time is because they don't have a daily routine, and they're not organized. Indeed, having enough time to do the things that you love and required to do is possible if you just know how to manage your time and stay organized. You can do that with a planner in hand. Because with a desk planner in front of your eyes, you get to schedule your appointments and tasks, so you know what to expect. Allowing you to keep yourself on track, so you have time for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Follow our guide below on how you can create a desk planner in Apple Pages.

1. Understand your Daily Routine

As yourself this, "What do I always do every day?" and start from there. Everyone has a daily routine, even if you think that you don't. From waking up to when you sleep at night, there would always be routines that you normally do at the same time. This could include your bath time, breakfast, and arrival from work or school. Understand this and keep your to-do list in mind, so you know what to input on your desk planner later on.

2. Make A Calendar

A planner is a calendar of things. It holds the information about your projects, meetings, agendas, etc., and reminds you when do you need to execute them. Choose between making a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar. Now, you can do this two ways: make a calendar from scratch or use a ready-made template. If you choose the latter, check out our ready-made desk planner templates above. They're all editable and customizable in Apple Pages on your Macbook Pro and other Mac devices. But if you choose option one, use Table to put up the calendar. Make sure you provide enough room to write on. Also, design your planner, so you're always inspired to use it and follow your schedule.

3. Take note of your Events, Appointments, Tasks, and Errands

Now that's everything is set, it's time to supply the desk calendar with your schedule of events, appointments, tasks, and errands. Set due dates and deadlines for everything to stay on track. Make room for adjustments as things will not always go according to plan. Give time for yourself and the people you love. Aside from that, use a tracker so you can see your developments. Remember, not being able to finish tasks right away is okay, as long as you keep pushing yourself. Just do what you've got to do.

4. Update your Desk Planner From Time To Time

As you utilize this planner to carry out your tasks and agendas, you'll realize that some of them might not be organized accordingly. There would be changes, and a new set of responsibilities will come. So, always update your planner from time to time to stay on track.

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