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What Is a Desk Receptionist Job Description?

A desk receptionist job description is a document that recruiters write in order to hire people for the said position. It outlines the duties and responsibilities of the position as well as the nature of the job itself.

How to Write a Desk Receptionist Job Description

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that as of 2018, there are 1,101,500 receptionists in the country. This front office job never goes out of style considering the number of businesses that come into life each year. If you want to get the best receptionist for your company, you need to write a job description as part of your recruitment process.

Read our tips below in writing a desk receptionist job description.

1. Start with a Summary

Your job description should begin with a summary of the job. Give an overview of the job in just two sentences. State what it does and the kind of receptionist you're looking for. Companies can hire a hair salon receptionist, medical office receptionist, or any other receptionist depending on the nature of the business.

2. Explain the Duties

Since being a receptionist is an office job, you have to list its duties and responsibilities. This can include what he has to do and how far he can go for this job.

3. State What is Needed

Enumerate the skills and qualifications a person must have to get through the application process. Skills can include communication and organizing while qualifications are mostly about the educational background.

4. Prompt an Action

Encourage the applicants to send their cover letters together with their resumes, especially if it's an urgent hiring. Put your contact information, so anyone can reach you in case of inquiries.

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