How to Make a Ready-Made Developer Job Description for Google Docs

Although federal or state laws don't require job description, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) deems it as a suitable product for legal and practical purposes. As nifty as it is, it can take quite some time (and practice) to make. Write a great job description for developers well by following these simple tips below.

1. Paint a Picture of the Work Experience

Any potential candidate should know what to expect if they want to get the job they desire. This could make or break their decision to submit their resumes.

2. Make it Snappy

Let's say you need to write a description for a website manager job. Instead of writing a wall of text, make your life easier and write a brief yet professional description. Your content has to have the right amount of professionalism and punch to be something worth skimming over. We suggest you use bullets or short paragraphs when explaining the different portions. Who knows, maybe that developer job description you wrote will land you the talent you've been looking for.

3. The More Clarity, The Better

If you want to attract the attention of suitable candidates, avoid ambiguity and don't use non-traditional job titles (hotshot T-shaped developer, maestro app developer, super front end web developer, and superstar web designer, for example). The talent you're looking for may not respond to your interview requests due to inaccuracy. This also applies to requirements and other essential details.

4. Keep It Real

Write down the required skills and leave unrealistic and unnecessary ones at bay. Candidates will find the latter to be quite off-putting. You don’t want to drive job application letters away by asking too much from them.

5. Sell Your Company and the Job Itself

Compel people to apply for an opening by selling the business and the job. Let them know what's in it for them, should they choose to work for you. Include compensation and benefits and employee testimonials to lure them in further.

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