There are so many reasons why people eat dinner. It's not just for the sake of eating and getting nourishment, because nighttime dining provides more benefits than having a meal is known for. For people in the food business, it is time to introduce their dinner palates, ones that people would think about even before they go to sleep. If you want to give someone the amazing gift of sumptuous dinner or want to introduce people to a romantic dinner buffet, our printable Dinner Voucher Template in Illustrator can be of great assistance to you. It comes with amazing design and convenient layouts, making personalize vouchers a task so easy. Do not waste your time worrying! Get our template today!   

How to Make a Dinner Voucher in Illustrator

There are many ways businesses use vouchers. It can be a gift or a prize, depending on the business's goals. Advertisements and promotions can be really efficient when one knows how to use vouchers effectively. So, if you are making dinner vouchers to highlight your establishment's after six cuisines, read down below.

1. Create a Theme

Creating a simple dinner voucher is not a hard task. With the right tools and a thousand ideas, you can make one immediately when you need it. But, marketing with vouchers should not just be for a simple, everyday dinner. That is why to make your business advertisement campaign more than just giveaways, you can give them several themes to accentuate their purpose. If you are in the hotel business, you can give out dinner vouchers as complimentary tickets for your accommodated guests. Or as an exclusive first prize gift for a raffle contest.

Events can also be a great way to give your loyal patrons and potential clients a chance to enjoy and taste the sumptuous meal of your food establishment. Restaurants often held events on special occasions such as Valentine's Day for couples and family, making it more convenient to advertise their specialties. You can take advantage of events and holidays to help you get an idea of designing your vouchers and making it appealing to the customers.

2. Size Matters

When you have the design in mind, you can now begin creating the voucher on your Illustrator. If you have a template that you have downloaded online, it won't be hard to adjust the size of the voucher. But, if you have no template and are starting from scratch, the best way is to follow a step-by-step guideline to help you navigate the editing software quickly. A blank voucher template uses the standard size of 8.5 inches to 4 inches. If you are new to the editing process, it is better to use this measurement for starters. But, it is not to say that you cannot customize it. Try putting in different numbers on the size adjustment until you feel that it is satisfactory.

3. Use Relevant Designs

Making your layout as excellent as possible can be achieved when you know how to mix the right kind of shades and images. It can be good for your creative mind to experiment on several elements, especially when working on dinner vouchers for different purposes. For example, you are making a birthday-related dinner voucher. You can use shades of pastel or warm colors, which signifies happiness or vibrancy. Birthdays are a celebration of life, so you might want to give it an innovative style. For images, you can use cakes or balloons. If you are making a discount voucher for a dinner buffet, you can use the generic colors for which your establishment is known for and maybe a photo of one or two of your establishment's cuisines. Candlelight images and elegant shades work well for an anniversary. Do not neglect quality for both components. Use photos with high-resolution images and colors so that it won't look bad even after printing. Low-quality photos tend to look pixelated when printed out, despite using an excellent photo paper.

4. Keep Your Wordings to a Minimum

Let's face it, with its size, a voucher can only hold so much information. That is why it is encouraged to enter data necessary enough to inform the customer about the use of the voucher. Place what is essential, like the name of the establishment and its logo, the exact time when the voucher can be redeemed, the date of its expiry, the amount of discount, or some terms and conditions that you would like to remind the customer. You can utilize the back portion of the voucher, of course, but still, retain an ample amount of space so it won't look cramped.

5. Provide Codes for Tracking

Vouchers are easy to lose after use. Nobody would pay mind to a single piece of paper, especially after the redemption. That is why to avoid accounting and auditing mistakes, it is best to track your vouchers by giving it a code or number. This way, it will be easier to see whether a certain voucher is used or still unclaimed. Give space for it on your voucher.

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