How to Create a Diploma Certificate

Your diploma is a testament that you have finished a level or degree in school. These levels include preschool, elementary, high school, and university or college. In job applications, recruiters will require a school diploma from you to verify if you have indeed completed a particular level. These are given by the school's governing bodies during graduation ceremonies. Diploma certificates are often enclosed in a hard, protective case or a frame to protect from external factors.

According to an article by Graduation Source, James Ward was the first graduate who had his diploma made. He graduated in 1645 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He was from Harvard. The material for diplomas then was made of sheepskin because the paper was very difficult to make before. The entire context was in Latin, and schools would need to hire a calligrapher to write the whole Latin context.

Here are tips on how to create your very own printable certificate:

1. Choose the Appropriate Size for Your Diploma Certificate

Schools have different sizes for their diploma certificate. You should contemplate on what goes in on your sample certificate then estimate the appropriate size for it. To give you an idea, the standard size of certificates is identical to the size of a short bond paper—which is 8.5 x 11 inches.

2. Decide on Your Diploma Certificate's Context

After choosing the size of your completion certificate, proceed to plan on what to put in your certificate. The typical contents comprise of the name of the school, name of its chairman, name of the recipient, date on which it will be given, and signatures of the concerned governing bodies.

For fonts, the most commonly used font is the Old English font; However, if you prefer a modernized look for your certificate, you may choose another font of your choosing. Aside from fonts, don't forget to include your school's logo.

3. Choose the Right Paper Stock

The quality of the simple certificate should mirror the weight of its purpose. Even though it will be enclosed in a protective casing or a frame, use a paper stock that's thick enough to deem the certificate presentable. The thicker it is, the more regal its effect will be.

4. Review Your Diploma Certificate

After all the elements have been considered, review your modern certificate after. Check to see if you haven't left out a single important detail. One thing that you should be most mindful of is the name of the recipient. Aside from that, make sure that it possesses the signatures of the school administrators.

5. Or You May Download Our Templates Instead

Making your editable certificate from scratch can take too much of your time—that's why we're offering you a way out of that dreadful situation. We are offering you Diploma Certificate Templates that are entirely editable and printable. We have templates that are appropriate for preschool, elementary, high school, and college levels. Select from our collection of templates download one that fits your liking.

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